Blue Block Land

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Blue Block Land (also known as Blue Square Land or Purple Land from the game's hub) is a series of builds that features the levels of SAGE 2019 Demo in a playtesting state.


  • The moveset most closely resembles the one seen in the Desert Hotpatch build.
  • Peppino is able to turn while maintaining his mach state again.
  • When pressing the grab button, Peppino now instantly grabs an enemy which dies instantly after being thrown.
  • If Peppino runs into an enemy at mach 2, he will charge tackle them until he hits a wall, defeating the enemy upon impact.


The Blue Block Land series had each build (not including patches) introduce a new level.







  • The grab sound effect has been replaced with The Noise's iconic voiceline.
  • Combat has been changed significantly, as now upon pressing the grab key Peppino will punch the enemy, knocking it back a bit. Once the enemy is on it's last hit point, Peppino can grab it and finish it off.
  • The ability to wallrun has been reimplemented, although it's no longer possible to jump off walls.
  • Breaking metal blocks causes you to bounce backwards and lose all your momentum.
  • It's no longer possible to taunt.
  • Added the new tutorial and the Medieval level.


  • It's possible to jump off walls again.
  • Once is pressed in midair while superjumping, Peppino will dash into the direction he was last facing at mach 3.
  • Re-added the shotgun powerup. Peppino can now refuel it using ammo boxes scattered across the stage. Once obtained, the player can toggle between using the shotgun by pressing .
  • Peppino will no longer bounce off of metal blocks when breaking them.
  • Medival broke.
  • Added the Ruin level.


  • Grab was nerfed.
  • Medival got fixed.


  • Changed the color of the titular blue blocks to purple.
  • Pressing while having the shotgun will now fire it instead of switching it on/off.
  • Enemies now have their hurtboxes visible.
  • Added the Dungeon level.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Blue Block Land.
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  • Despite The Noise having his old design in his boss portait, in the March Patreon Build (in Freezer) and GOLF, playing as him showed his new design.
  • Versions 1 and 2 have Blue Blocks, hence the name, but in Version 3, for an unknown reason, the Blue Blocks were replaced with Purple Squares. The cover for Bloodsauce Dungeon and the build were colored Purple to show when they were added.
  • This series of builds features developer shortcuts. Those are:
    • F1 - Start escape sequence
    • F2 - Reset controls
    • F3 - Go to the Time's Up screen
    • F4 - Plus 100 points
    • F5 - Minus 100 points
    • F6 - Get key
    • F7 - Get the shotgun