Desert (Build, 2019)

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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

Not to be confused with Oregano Desert, a level in Western District.

Desert is the fifth Patreon build released for Pizza Tower. This build features a rework for the scrapped version of Oregano Desert, as all of the game's mechanics were shapeshifting at this point. A total of five builds were released with different proposals for Peppino's moveset.


Every other level other than Desert is now off limits. Desert gets its first rework, and Peppino's moveset has been tweaked a little bit. Wall climbing has been removed, and turning around no longer keeps the player's speed.


  • Running in this build is different than the other builds.
    • Mach 1 uses a different animation.
    • Turning the opposite direction while running at Mach 3 and 4 makes the player drift for 2 seconds, before making the player come to a complete stop.
  • Super Taunts exist, but the camera zooms in when it happens, and it doesn't hurt enemies.
  • The Wallrun was removed.
  • The Health System was removed.
  • When superjumping or ground pounding into a big breakable block, the player slows down for a second.
  • The Old Firemouth Transformation is used here.
  • Box of Pizzas now exist.
  • A Charging Move has been added.
  • The Secrets now exist.


  • Whenever the player gets close to a level gate, the background changes to reflect that stage.
  • The Speedometer instantly went from 0 to 5 on the HUD.
  • The way to start Pizza Time different, now with a Noise Bomb (Enemy) instead of Pillar John.
    • Instead of anything we have seen so far, the player stumbles upon an unassuming Pizza box, that just so happens to contain a Noise Bomb, which just instantly activates Pizza Time.
  • There are absolutely no sound effects.


  • When pressing the opposite direction while grabbing, the player continues to grab instead of coming to a stop.


Only Desert is playable straight from the hub. The other levels can be accessed by modifying the game's hub room. Factory and Sewer remain unchanged from its previous prerelease build.





  • A Pizzamart section has been added.
  • A different tileset is used.
  • Mostly unchanged from the January Patreon Build, but with some extra rooms, including a GOLF challenge, A reworked Cave Section, and A UFO.
  • There are also some unused bike objects that when charging at them and hitting the wall, or throwing them in any way, the bike explodes.
  • There is an unused Noise trap that activates during Pizza Time.
  • Added U.F.O section.


  • This is the first Build where Mansion starts outside.
  • The player isn't expected to get far though, as one room with Peasanto's crashes the game upon interacting with it.
    • Thing is, if you go back in that room, you enter the Mansion from the January Patreon Build.
    • And its fully playable, though upon interacting with one of the keys, the game crashes.
  • The Sword Stone will crash the game if the player interact with it.




  • Peasanto will crash the game upon being interacted with.



  • Trash Pan will crash the game upon being spawned, and Ninja Slice will crash the game upon interaction.


  • The lack of sound effects was because McPig wanted to fix audio inconsistency, and opted to remove it for the time.
  • Mansion, Factory, and Sewer do not have any music associated with, with "Mondays" continuing to play instead.
  • This is the 2nd build to remove the Wallrun.
    • It was added back in later revisions.
  • Pillar John blocks the way to many level doors, those being Mansion, Factory, and Sewer, however, he can be removed through hacking.
    • Although inaccessible through normal means, Freezer is in the files as well. Unlike Mansion, Factory and Sewer, it does not having a TV graphic or level gate associated with it.
  • The SAGE 2019 Demo Title Screen is left in the files.
  • This Demo uses unique HUD Sprites for when getting close to a level gate, changing the TV HUD to have something related to the level on it.
  • Although the game does not show the health bar, the player can still die if they take enough damage.