March Build Part 1 (2019)

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The March Build Part 1 Patreon Demo is the second Patreon build of Pizza Tower. There are two more levels accessible than in the previous build, those being Sewer and Freezer. This build also serves as the debut of The Noise as a playable character. He's playable in Freezer.


  • The ability to change Peppino's outfit on the title screen has been removed.
  • The hub world from the previous build has been replaced by a level select screen.
  • Like in the previous build - Pizza Time is started by collecting the Tower Secret Treasure at the end of a level.
  • This build also carries over the health meter mechanic from the previous one.
  • This is the build in which The Noise makes his debut appearance as a playable character.
    • He can't reach Mach 3, making him unable to defeat enemies by dashing into them.
    • Pressing the jump button while midair will cause him to use his cape to slowly descend down.
    • During his grab, Noise will slightly hop into the air.


There are 5 levels that can be selected from the level select:


  • The background music has been changed from Hot Spaghetti to Cold Spaghetti.
  • The player no longer gets chased by a cheeseball after collecting the key.



The transformations that are present in this build are:

  • Knight
  • Boxed
  • Cheeseball - The transformation is given by getting hit by the cheeseball projectile thrown out by the Trash Pan enemy. While in cheeseball state you no longer bounce off walls, instead upon contact Peppino is set back into his normal state.
  • Washing Machine - The transformation is given by jumping on a washing machine. Noise will now be able to defeat enemies by running into them and destroy metal blocks. To leave this state the player has to jump off the washing machine.




  • In Factory, the sausage toppin is missing, making the player unable to collect all toppins.
  • This build doesn't use the escape background for Sewer despite it being in the files.
  • The font is more spaced out than in previous builds.
  • While the Washing Machine transformation was scrapped from the final release, it has a small cameo in the secret "Wash n' Clean" room.
  • If you piledrive Greaseball into the ground, the game will count it as him being thrown into the basketball hoop.
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