Banana Peel

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Banana Peel is an object in Pizza Tower.


Banana Peel is a yellow banana peel with black spots.


When the player touches a Banana Peel, they will momentarily get launched forwards and slightly upwards, defeating any enemy they touch during that. A player may slip on other Banana Peels in the midst of a slip, causing them to be propelled further. When a Banana Peel is slipped on, it will be destroyed.

Banana Peels are actively spawned by Swedish Monkeys.


  • Banana Peels originally would cause the player to slide forward for a bit.
  • Banana Peels at one point could be removed by ground pounding the floor.
  • Swedish Monkey's Heat Meter attack would have spawned a different variant of Banana Peels, that would hurt the player instead of making them slip on it.


Regular sprites

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