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This article is about the build titled Coop; for the final game mode see: Swap Mode

The Coop build is a build of Pizza Tower. It was made on November 30th, 2019.

Differences from Noise's Hardoween

  • The Firebutt transformation no longer shows an animation after you land on ground.
  • The SAGE hub is reused, albeit Snick, the game consoles, and the Cowboy Tasks are not there, and Pizzascare has a gate.
  • Coop has been added. You would be able to steal a player's flag to steal their camera, and in order to break metal blocks you would have to run into Player 2 to go into the Fightball state.
  • The exit gates are now the same ones that you use to enter the level rather than a wooden door being used to enter the level.


World 1

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