Tester Build

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Cactus goes well on pizza.

This build has a page on The Cutting Room Floor.

Tester Build is a series of playtest builds of Pizza Tower, created in preparation for the soon to be released Halloween Demo. With these builds being compiled over a timespan of three weeks, the game was tweaked a bunch and even has features that were ultimately cut before the public demo's release.





Differences in the Tower

  • The tower is harder because of Peppino's moveset.
  • The Bear Traps are present, but have a bug that makes impossible to break them.
  • All enemies and Pepperman are harder to beat and impossible to grab.
  • The level doesn't have textures.

Differences in Peppino's Moveset

  • Peppino doesn't have the Slap move in early revisions, so the only way he can hurt enemies, like Pepperman, is by running into them.
  • Peppino still has the bug when running at Mach 1 or higher on the right, he can't jump.


  • None of the Playtest builds feature the Dance Room seen in the Halloween Demo.
    • Despite this, the dance room still exists in later playtest builds. However, when entered, it sends the player to a black room with a flat collision floor.
  • Getting an A or S Rank in this level will unlock a harder version of said level.
    • This behavior is similar to Demo 2, in which, beating either Ancient or Factory would unlock a "Challenge" variant of the completed level.
  • In early revisions, all of the textures are placeholder textures, from the blocks, to the background.
  • These builds lack sound.