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Top is an unused level in Pizza Tower.

This level takes place at the top of the tower, leading up to the final battle against Pizzaface. This would've acted as the final level, before The Crumbling Tower of Pizza took its place.






  • Unlike its counterpart in the final game, this would've taken place before Pizzaface's boss fight rather than after.
  • No tiles, decorations, backgrounds or music were ever made for this level.
    • This may hint to how quickly this level was shelved.
  • The reason for its removal may be due to the Hub becoming redesigned around acting as sections of the final escape.
  • It seems that this level was scrapped soon before PT_Eggplant_v15 as Priests are not present and instead transformations are removed with their original sources, such as Mort ending when touching a bowl of corn.
  • Cardboard Tanks would've had an unused elite variant in which they would shoot bombs that went in a straight line instead of homing pizza missiles.
  • Fake Peppino's enemy variant can be found in this level, and would act the same as his incarnation in GOLF, chasing the player and continually attempting to grab and attack them.
  • Strangely enough, in every room of the level Top there are disabled tiles which when enabled is just half of old Space Pinball tiles (which uses the saloon tiles for some reason)