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Enemy Behaviour

Fake Peppino's moveset is inspired directly from the real Peppino's. He would chase and try to grab Peppino to strike them with his toxic tongue. He always chases after Peppino and will follow him into any rooms he goes into, so there's no way to hide from him.

As Fake Peppino wasn’t properly implemented, other aspects of his behaviour were not finalized, however it was once planned to have Fake Peppino to be a rare appearance that possibly replaced Pizzaface during Pizza Time.

Fake Peppino was originally planned to come out during Pizza Time, but where exactly is unknown. In the GOLF demo, however, Fake Peppino is able be summoned to the player's location upon pressing F9.

The effects of his tongue vary among his past available build appearances. In the GOLF demo, his tongue simply damages Peppino, while in subsequent builds, if hacked in, his tongue would damage Peppino before properly killing him, and kill him instantaneously in some cases. Not to mention, if loaded into the Western Build Patreon Demos, he could crash the game if he successfully grabs the player.

Fake Peppino also had his limbs scattered in the Mansion level, that would attack the player if they stand close to them. Additionally, he would chase the player if they grabbed a key.


  • Fake Peppino has a decorative appearance in Strongcold. In it, he sits in a corner, wearing a Santa hat and ringing a bell in his hand beside a bucket. This is likely a reference to the Christmas Kettle street campaign organized by The Salavation Army during the Christmas season.
  • Fake Peppino was originally planned to make his first appearance in a level known simply as Lights Out, which would have been the third level of the Horror Passage before being scrapped.
  • Fake Peppino was planned to be the main enemy of Mansion, but as Mansion was scrapped, so too was Fake Peppino’s role as an enemy.
  • Fake Peppino, along with the Peppino Clones, notably had yellow cheesy tongues in their pre-release appearances.


Regular animations

Limbs animations