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The Story So Far...

Image Image Description Transcript

Page 1

Peppino standing really anxious, while Snick is standing still. You play as Peppino Spaghetti, owner of Peppino's Pizza. He delivers the pizza and destroys evil towers.

This is Snick the porcupine. He hosts his own event

Page 2

One: Peppino stands happily, looking in the mirror.

Two: Peppino looks at his broken compass, looking very confussed and concerned.

Three: Peppino looking bothered by signs pointing to a "PAGE" and "ZAGE" Game expo./td>

In this demo, Peppino is rocking a blue outfit and is ready to go to SAGE.

However, he got lost and ended up going to the other SAGE... (Snick Amateur Game Expo)

This is Snick the porcupine. He hosts his own event

Page 3

One: Snick looking enthusiastically with a big smile, as Peppino looks at the viewer apathetically.

Two: Snick showing off his videogame to Peppino.

Trying to make the most of it, Peppino decides to play the games that are available.

This is where he met Snick the porcupine, the much less popular mascot animal.

Pizza Monsters

Image Image Description Transcript

Page 1

One: A Nervous Cheeseslime.

Two: A Forknight using his large fork to eat spaghetti.

Three: A Pizza Box Goblin, with his legs absent.


Totally useless. Cannon fodder. These guys are basically just strolling around, not aware that a deranged Italian man is destroying their home.


These guards are actually off duty, they are just trying to find their lunch to eat with their giant forks. Avoid running into those.

Pizza Box Goblin

Urban legens tells of golins that would hide in a pizza box and put bombs inside of them.

Page 2

One: A Pepperoni Goblin kicking a Cheeseslime.

Two: A Pencer reading his script with glasses.

Pepperoni Goblin

This darn goblin kicks anything near him. He will take any opportunity to practice kicks. Jump on him before attacking unless you want to become his next practice ball.


This conquistador looking character is actually an actor. He is so much in character that he will charge at you on sight.

Page 3

One: A Badly beaten up Winged Anchovy smoking, dressed with glasses, a bow tie, and a detective hat.

Two: Pizzard using his power to toast a slice of bread. /td>

Winged Anchovy

These flying fish thinks that Peppino is a big fly, somehow. They have very bad eyesight and need glasses. Avoid them while they charge or grab them before they start!


This Pizzard circle studies pizzamancy. Those apprent ice wizards will try out their magic on anything. You could try getting caught by their magic bolt on purpose to become an invinsible knight!