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Dangerous Water and Water Current is a level asset in Pizza Tower.

Water is a collective of water based obstacles in Pizza Tower. This includes Dangerous Water and Water Currents.


Dangerous Water is an unassuming body of water, that is usually only one tile deep.

Water Current is a quickly running body of water, with a very wavy surface.


Dangerous Water

The player can run over Dangerous Water if they are at Mach 2 or higher.

Otherwise, when the player is on Dangerous Water, a Piraneapple will jump up out of the water and attack the player, sending them flying upwards.

If an enemy is pushed into dangerous water, it is instantly killed.

Water Current

When the player comes into contact with a Water Current, they are launched in the direction the Water Current is facing. After the player exits the current, they enter a state of inaction where they can damage any enemy they touch, while also bouncing slightly off of walls. If an enemy is pushed into a water current, it is instantly killed.

If the player is instead on Trash Pan's lid, they will slide across the water, regardless of what direction it is facing.

The Noise interacts with water currents differently if he is in Oh Shit!, instead using a surfboard to ride water the current. While surfing, The Noise can jump, do a mid-air spin, or influence the direction the surfboard travels. Doing a mid-air spin cancels the surfboard state.

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This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Water.
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  • Dangerous Water is one of only three occurrences with a unique HUD design that isn't a transformation.
    • The other two are when the player is holding a Bomb, and when the player is putting Greaseball.
  • The player can destroy Stupid Rats after being attacked by a Piraneapple, similar to the Firebutt transformation (unseen normally).
  • There was a older version of water that went unused, dating back to Early Test Build. It also worked differently than how it works in the final game.
    • The player used to be able to go into the water, making them slower, and jump higher. This also gave the Toppins scuba gear as a cosmetic touch.
    • The old version of the Barrel also used this old version of the water, allowing you to push the barrel into the water, and float with it.

Water Current

  • Another version of the currents went unused, dating back to Early Test Build aswell. It also worked differently than how it works in the final game.
    • It would push the player in a specified direction underwater.


Regular animations

Peppino animations

Seen when using the gimmick as Peppino.

The Noise animations

Seen when using the gimmick as The Noise.

Scrapped animations