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Ventilator is an object in Pizza Tower.


Ventilator is a big brown fan laying flat on the ground.


Ventilator creates a wind path above it that constantly pushes upwards, indicated by the dead leaves floating in the current. Anything that steps into the current, including the player and enemies, will be pushed upwards.

If Peppino is at sufficient enough speed, he will glide through the current with momentum. He is even capable of climbing and jumping off of walls. However, if he slows down while inside the current (which can be done multiple ways, either by entering the current at a slow speed, or turning or performing a move while gliding through the current that causes Peppino to stop, which is most moves) he will instead tumble slowly through the air, the only controls available being to move slowly left or right. He also is incapable of interacting with walls in this state.

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  • In the files, there's a sideways ventilator that goes unused in the game.


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