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Pizzamart is an object in Pizza Tower, found only in Oregano Desert.


Pizzamart is a building with white walls, a brick foundation, a wooden roof, and a red window and door. There is a sign on the front wall that reads "Pizzamart", and another sign on the roof depicting a pizza with a cowboy hat on it.


Pizzamarts can be entered, just like Doors. Mechanically, the only difference between Pizzamarts and Doors in the final game are that when inside a Pizzamart, there can be multiple exit doors that when entered will all bring Peppino back to the front of the Pizzamart. However, Pizzamarts follow a theme in Oregano Desert where each one contains one of the level's five Toppins and a Clerk.


SAGE 2019 Demo

In the SAGE 2019 Demo, Pizzamarts contain Weapon Machines which offer Peppino the chance to buy a Shotgun if he has at least four Pizza Coins. Entering the mart will show how many pizza coins have been collected, above Peppino's head. Snick cannot use the Pizzamart's services, as he cannot collect Pizza Coins.

Noise's Hardoween

In Noise's Hardoween, The Noise can get a Minigun from the Pizzamart, but he does not have to pay Pizza Coins for it. The Minigun is instead found lying on the floor.