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Cow is a character in Pizza Tower.


Cow is a regular cow, that has realistic proportions.


When the player touches a Cow from behind, it launches them backwards uncontrollably. The Cow also appears in the Vigilante Bossfight as an attack. It uses the same sprites, but is a separate object.

Appears in

Chef Tasks

These characters are tied with the following Chef Task:

Alien Cow
Don't get hit by a single cow in Oregano Desert.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Cow.
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  • Cow is called "obj_donkey" in the files, possibly meaning the cow was meant to be a donkey at one point.
  • In the Rework build, Cow has a different behaviour: it would start moving after being hit, turning around at walls, destroying breakable blocks and squishing the player.
    • It also uses a photo of a real cow as its sprite. The current sprite is based on that image.


Regular animations

Scrapped animations


Audio Description Additional Note
The sound that the Cow makes when kicking the player on contact or when the Cow's crate hits the ground in The Vigilante's boss fight. In-game, the "Moo" fluctuates in pitch.