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Jetpack is an object in Pizza Tower.


Jetpack is a cylindrical, red object that resembles a ketchup dispenser.


When interacted with, the Jetpack will propel the player into the air, causing them to spin around and enter a freefalling state, in which they can destroy Frozen Blocks or defeat Enemies. After landing, the jetpack will explode, and the player will not be able to destroy Frozen Blocks until interacting with another Jetpack. If the player has the Pepper Pizza, all jetpacks will disappear.

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  • Before its sprite was finalized, the Jetpack used a sprite of The Noise as a placeholder.
  • The level asset is mislabeled as "obj_pizzapepper." The pepper pizza is mislabeled as "obj_noisejetpack" aswell.


Regular Animations

Player animations

Seen when using the gimmick as Peppino, or The Noise.

In-game Miscellaneous

Scrapped Animations