List of scrapped content

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This is a page listing all scrapped content for Pizza Tower.

Playable Characters


Challenge levels

Challenge levels were unique levels of Demo 2 that could be unlocked by collecting 5 coins in Ancient and Factory. At the beginning of both of them, the escape timer starts and player needs to complete a set of obstacles based on level's mechanics.

  • Ancient Challenge
  • Factory Challenge


Secret Enemies



  • Pizzacycles

Cheese Spikes

These were cheese spikes that would hurt the player on contact, working identically to Outlets. While not technically used in the final game, its sprite was repurposed into both the Spit Cheese's projectile and Fake Peppino's Super Taunt Attack projectiles.


The hook was present in Early Test Build (albeit unused) and worked similiarly to the Flying Ladder - it automatically moves the player upwards until it reaches the ceiling.


  • Style Bar/Combo Multiplier
  • Suplex Moves (seen prior to the SAGE demo)
  • Day/Night System
  • Old panic/pizza time shaders (seen in the 2019 and 2020(?) builds)

Heat Meter

The Heat Meter would fill when killing enemies (and empties itself if none are being killed), and would increase the speed of enemies and points gained. In the April 2021 build and Rework, enemies could also have new behaviour if the meter was high enough. See the Heat Meter page for more info.

Health system

The January and March patreon builds had a health system, displayed as a pizza in the top left corner which loses slices as health decreases. It would decrease when taking damage and increase when collecting a Pizza Slice. If the health is at 1 and the player takes damage, Peppino dies and the player is sent back to the hub. It would been later used in an early version of Gnome Forest where Gustavo's Pizza Box has a health system, if the pizza box took damage, Peppino will die and will be sent back to the section where Gustavo is located.

Pizza Coins

Pizza Coins were present in Demo 1, Demo 2, and SAGE 2019 demo. In Demo 1 and SAGE 2019 demo, 4 of these can be spent to buy a shotgun from a Pay Block, while in Demo 2, the player will unlock a level's challenge by collecting 5 Pizza Coins in it.

Pizza Shield

The Pizza Shield was a collectible that would appear in front of Peppino after being collected. When taking damage, instead of getting hurt, the Pizza Shield would break.





  • Characters talking:
  • Other Peppino animations:
    • "Red Eyes"
    • "Googly Eyes"; his walking animation is seemingly absent in the files of newer builds or demos
    • Peppino walking on stairs originally without it being on a cutscene
  • Noise:
  • Suplex Moves for both Peppino and Noise (seen fully prior to the SAGE Demo)
  • Other: