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These are guidelines to follow when constructing or editing a level page.


Before writing the article, place the Infobox level template at the very beginning and fill out its parameters. Afterward, begin the article with an introductory sentence that describes the order the level appears in overall, and the order it is within the Hub it is found in. Describe the level's purpose, which will vary from level to level. Usually, if a mechanic debuts in a level, the level is focused on teaching the player what the mechanic does. Describe the setting(s) featured within the level.


Preface the section with "This level contains the following enemies:". Use a Flexbox template to wrap Enemyicon templates in. Make sure to mark what enemies debut in this level.


Most levels will feature collectibles and secrets scattered throughout. If a level has no secrets or Toppins, then this section may be ommitted.

Screenshots are required. When describing the location of something, mentioning the order the room appears in may be helpful. Describing the enemies or structure surrounding the collectible may help. Avoid describing movement required to access the collectible.

Toppins, Gerome, Tower Secret Treasure and Secret Eyes

Use a Flexbox template to wrap Collectible screenshot templates in. Toppins have their own subsection under Locations, while Gerome and the Tower Secret Treasure share a section labeled Tower Secret Treasure. Secrets have their own section as well.

If a Secret Eye is hidden behind a Metal Block, make note of it. After describing the location of the eye, make a new paragraph separated by a <hr/> (horizontal line) and briefly describe the room the Secret Eye leads the player to. Keep the paragraph to one to two sentences.

Pizza Tower Guy


Chef Tasks

Most levels have Chef Tasks associated with them, the maximum being three. Preface this section with "This level has the following Chef Tasks:", and use the ChefTasks template. Use the game's Chef Task name, description, and icon when filling out the template. If a task requires more clarification, end the description with * and clarify after the template.



Embed the specific song from the official soundtrack, and preface each embed with the song title in italics.


See gallery guidelines for help on gallery pages.