Status Update (November 2023)

From Pizza Tower Wiki

Hey everyone, we'd like to take a quick moment to talk about a few things. Nothing bad, perse, but important to talk about nonetheless.

Why we migrated

First, let's reiterate why we've switched hosts. Back in August, we forked from FANDOM to migrate to Miraheze as a host due to constant vandalism and FANDOM providing us with little to no tools to combat it. Until 2022, the wiki barely had to deal with these problems. Because of the sudden popularity of the game, and by extension its wiki, we attempted to migrate.

Unfortunately, due to FANDOM's forking policies, the original FANDOM wiki remained. Many thought the FANDOM wiki would enter a "new period", especially since a FANDOM representative claimed that the community would not have a home. We believe this is a lie, as the Miraheze wiki was intended to be the new home. Part of the reason the Discord server for the wiki exists is to serve as a replacement of FANDOM's discussion tab and other social media features. It sucks to see that the Pizza Tower Wiki's community was split in half, and even worse, seeing it continue to engage with the old wiki.

Misinformation regarding vandalism

We've also seen some claim that the new Miraheze wiki cannot be vandalized. This is not true. It is still possible to vandalize it, but the chances of it staying are much slimmer considering we're actively checking edits. Not to mention, Miraheze's abuse filters automatically deals with auto-blocking people attempting to make alts. While we understand why people would say this, ridding the wiki of vandalism entirely is simply impossible without locking it. We merely wanted better protection against vandalism, on top of having access to more standardized wiki themes and layouts to improve accessibility and readability.

Additionally, the lack of vandalism is an indicator that people aren't using the Miraheze wiki very much, since more people are interested in the FANDOM wiki instead.

Issues on FANDOM

Something of more personal note is we've noticed that the majority of those still on FANDOM use it as a form of social media, primarily on user and discussion pages. Ever since new staff was hired for the wiki, user stability seems to have declined, with people insulting each other and bringing up blocked individuals on discussion tabs.

Plagiarism has been increasing too. We have no issue with people copying our pages, as long as its editors are credited. People don't leave credit, which leaves us wondering why people edit the FANDOM page to begin with if they can't write something original.

What made this worse is, as of today, a new template was added by one of the staff members that marks pages or individuals as "controversial". We simply do not condone this type of wiki use. Our goal is to document Pizza Tower as a whole, not to spread hate. A wiki is a wiki, and not social media.

What you can do to help

We would like to reiterate to stop engaging with FANDOM. Do not edit the wiki anymore, do not engage with the discussion tabs, especially do not vandalize, etc. We have a Discord server for a reason. If you're editing both Miraheze and FANDOM wikis simultaneously, please know you are not helping the Miraheze wiki in the ongoing SEO battle. Don't post links to the Miraheze wiki on FANDOM either. We cannot force people to move, and on top of that, it is another form of engagement with FANDOM. If you see someone refusing to use the new wiki, whether it be hard to understand, being too lazy or just wanting a discussion tab, let them know that the Miraheze wiki is as easy as selecting the second search result on Google.

Also, if you're really itching to engage with content of Pizza Tower, do consider checking the Pizza Tower Wiki Tumblr! The blog, on top of posting updates relating to the wiki and the game, will post at least 8 times a day, reblogging fan content that the wiki staff stumble upon. Who knows, maybe you'll find a new artist you like!

Thank you to those who have been supporting the Miraheze wiki thus far! You have helped us so much.