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This is documentation about a Template. Portions of this template may not display properly without certain values provided.

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This template categorizes files into Category:Published audio.
|link = 
|discord = 
|discordchannel = 
|discordlink = 
|date =
  • link will link off-site if the parameter is a valid web address.
  • discord is the Discord Server name. Usually is Pizza Tower Discord.
  • discordchannel and discordlink are not required, but add to the discord source text.
    • discordchannel is the name of the channel. Exclude the #.
    • discordlink will link the exact message sent in the Pizza Tower Discord.
  • The template takes both link or discord, but only one is required.
    • If neither parameter are filled but an empty one is instead, it will display regular text.
  • date is the specific time and date when it was posted. Not required.
    • Format it as Month, Day Year at HH:MM.
    • The time must be formatted in the 12 hour format in the United States Eastern Standard Timezone.


Citing a Soundcloud Post
Code: {{audiofile|link=https://soundcloud.com/froggy-dj/anchovi|date=March 19th, 2020}}
This is an audio file. Source: https://soundcloud.com/froggy-dj/anchovi. Posted on March 19th, 2020.
Citing a Discord Post
|discord = Pizza Tower Discord
|discordchannel = music-of-the-whenever}}
This is an audio file. Source: Pizza Tower Discord, #music-of-the-whenever.
Manual Citation
Code: {{conceptart|Pizza Tower Design Document}}
This is an audio file. Source: Pizza Tower Design Document.
Empty Parameters
Code: {{audiofile}}
This is an audio file.