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Heya! Name's Baly!

I'm around sometimes and usually make minor edits to pages here that I think might be helpful (for better or worse.)

If you have any questions about things, just post it on the Discussion tab, though note that I'm not the best person to ask when it comes to certain things here on the wiki. I'm mostly just here to look at the funny pictures and try to clear up stuff.

Baly’s Impromptu Sandbox

I don’t know how to make a sandbox page, and I’m also scared to ask because I think those might be for wiki staff only and I don’t want to bother them about something stupid. So I am going to try using my personal page as one. Hope you all don’t mind that.

Wiki Staff Cards Idea

An idea tossed around in my brain for a bit was trying to make PT style Steam Cards for the current wiki staff. Though, the idea is a little dead in the water, since minimum I could find for characters or personas of the staff members ended at SKL and JustDenys. Maybe another day, when I finally have the confidence to ask them about it. Like a normal person would do.

“The Peppino Update”

After the release of The Noise Update, the thought of a Peppino Update crossed my mind. At first as a joke, then as an actual concept that could be quite neat. The basic premise is that the promotional material, as well as some elements in-game, advertise the update as “The Peppino Update”, and does this all the way until actually playing it where it’s revealed to be a playable Fake Peppino. Part of the idea was turning this page into a page all about the fake update during April Fools, but it was a bit over ambitious, and it’d probably get me banned off-a here the moment it came out, but a person can dream of an entire community getting gaslit for amusement. Maybe someone with art skill and a lot of free time could try their hand at something like this. But not on the wiki obviously. Don’t vandalize this place, kids. The staff do their best to keep it looking nice.