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Music is my life
Chop Top, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Hi there. I joined Miraheze in mid 2021 and mostly help folks over Discord.


Wikis I actively work/ed on:

  • Soft Cell Wiki - my first wiki on Miraheze and my main project; "founder", bureau, sysop.
  • Pizza Tower Wiki - this wiki forked from Fandom in August 2023, I helped admins w/ initial setup, templates and standards; sysop, looking after RC and templates sometimes.
  • Gigantic Wiki - Fandom wiki I used to admin in 2017-2018 and forked in October 2023 w/ game's full-on revival; "founder", bureau, sysop, but no longer contributing, just looking after RC and templates.
  • Battleborn Wiki - another fork of old Fandom wiki I used to admin, WIP; "founder", bureau, sysop

Other things I've done on Miraheze:


Things I use for work: