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— NeonPixelz


Hi, as you could have probably could have told, I'm NeonPixelz, but you can call me Neon. I'm an dude with ADHD who likes the Funny Pizza Game, I'm also a very anxious and worried person. Hey, just like the Italian guy! How cool. I'm still learning all this fancy page writing, so I'm not the best.


I really enjoy making games on Roblox, drawing pixel art, and cooking food! Modding is a big thing I wanna learn soon! Ever since I seen mods that added lap 3, and 4 I really wanted to try myself, but I never got the chance. Hopefully, one day I'll learn game maker's coding language and can cook something awesome up.

Contributions to the Wiki

  • Writing pages
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Expanding pages
  • Ripping audio and sprites

...Yeah, not a lot huh?

That's all from me, I hope you enjoyed reading this little page of me. Hey, who knows maybe you learned a thing or two. I hope you have a fantastic day!!