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Main Abilities

Gustavo's moveset has been slightly altered since his first appearance in Rework.

Double Jump

Upon double jump, Gustavo gets off Brick, and the latter drops down, destroying Metal Blocks and enemies.

Brick Kick

Brick Kick used to be Gustavo's primary attack. His spin attack could be performed only when he's separated from Brick.

Bounce Jump

After jump while landing, while also still holding the jump button, the duo would bounce off the ground and get higher, than with regular jump. Bouncing off the ground second time makes the bounce even higher. Wall Jump also could be performed only after Bounce Jump.


Originally jump did not kill enemies, only Bounce Jump could.

Eating and Spitting

Instead of Gustavo's spin move, their primary attack would be a grab similar to Peppino. This "grab" move would have been Brick eating an enemy and he kept it on his mouth, then he would either devour the enemy or Gustavo punches Brick to spit on the enemy which would damage any other enemies near by.

Delivering Pizzas

Gustavo originally had a different role. He would originally give pizzas to Peppino to deliver to gnomes. If Peppino would fail to do so, Gustavo would beat him up, making the player lose some points, then they would have to try to deliver it again.


  • When Peppino would fail to deliver a pizza, Gustavo would get angry and his animation references Super Saiyan, from the anime Dragon Ball Z.
  • During development, Gustavo & Brick had a moveset similar to Peppino. Brick would grab enemies with his mouth and launch them forwards. This was change for the duo's more unique moveset, but the grab animation is reused for Brick's dash.
  • Gustavo was originally the star of a Pizza Tower spinoff, called Pizza Crawler. It was to be developed by the skilled members of the community, with Pizza Tower Guy providing the animations. Due to general problems popping up (namely the fact their only programmer stepped down) it was cancelled.
  • The plan for playable Gustavo was originally to be a timed segment, where Peppino would get trapped after he finished delivering all pizzas and Gustavo must save him. This was also planned to be added to the Level Editor.
  • There's an unused animation of Gustavo talking in his old design, but he doesn't talk to the player when interacting with them in Gnome Forest. Animations for Peppino and Mr. Stick also exist, too.