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Junk is a unused object, and gimmick that are tied and only show up in the Cheese Dragon's boss fight.

It shares many appearances, but they all do the same thing.


The Toilet is a typical white Toilet.

Trashcan is a shinning metal trashcan.

The Computer is an big white 90's computer.

The Nuke is a big shiny green Nuclear Bomb, with a lighter green stripe in the middle.

Boxing Glove is a typical big red Boxing Glove, with two threads can be seen.

Hammer is a huge wooden hammer slammed down.

Smiling Face is a big yellow head with a huge smile and small eyes.


Junk acts like any grab-able enemies in the game. The only difference it's just trash, making it unkillable. The use for Junk objects is to break Target Blocks and to attack the Cheese Dragon that are in the way. The player has to grab the Junk and throw it as they would with any other enemy.


Regular sprites