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Mansion is WAY too complex with it's development history for the article, what should be done about it?

So you know how the current version of the article is just messy and outdated? I don't know if we can even do anything about it.

Mansion is known for a lot of various versions, but it has too many versions of itself that it's becoming hard to make it easy to be read by people and to be even written about.

It has so many minors and huge changes like in the optomization and march builds having the level tweaked, and with October and Eggplant just redoing everything. I'm afraid that it's gonna take forever to do anything with this beast of a unused level.

I was thinking of some-sort of separation with using tabbers, but with it's many minor changes in other builds I'm not sure if it can work like that.

I feel like there is something that has to be done about this. NeonPixelz (talk) 17:04, 31 May 2024 (UTC)Reply