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This is documentation about a Template. Portions of this template may not display properly without certain values provided.

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This categorizes files into the Category:Extracted sprite art category. Sprites uploaded by the developer(s) and are not found in the game should use Template:Spriteart.
|build = 
|build-name = 
|subcat = 
  • build links to the relevant build page.
    • build-name is optional; it can name the specific version of the build if necessary.
  • subcat is the name of the sub-category this image belongs to. See Category:Extracted sprite art's sub-categories for reference.
    • This parameter is only used if build is not filled out.
If sourcing from a release version of the game, there is no need to fill the build and build-name parameters. Instead, a manual citation is preferable. See below for details.


Sourcing with build and build-name

Sourcing a sprite from Eggplant v15, code:

|build = Eggplant
|build-name = Eggplant v15


This image was extracted from Eggplant v15.

Sourcing Noise's Hardoween, code:

|build = Noise's Hardoween


This image was extracted from Noise's Hardoween.

Using only build-name, code:

|build-name = v1.1.0


This image was extracted from v1.1.0.

Manual citation

Sourcing from release version 1.0.184, code:



This image was extracted from v1.0.184.

No citation

As a fail-safe, there is text that displays when no citation is given:

This image was extracted from a playable build.