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Am i even allowed to do this? Plz let me know if this makes any issues. Thank you!

The Pizza Tower Game document is a very old and very outdated document, posted on the Pizza Tower discord, showing things like levels for the first 2 worlds, Peppino's moveset, enemies, and more!

This doc has drawings and early versions of levels from the first two worlds, there are no other drawings/descriptions of other levels.

The first world is called just called Tower here.

The first level on the doc is a level named “Entrance” which would be The tutorial level, which got reworked into John Gutter(?). According to the doc, this level would not contain any gimmick, and would have the most basic enemies, those being the Forknight and the Cheeseslime.

The next level is Medieval, an early version of Pizzacape. From what I can see, the only things that were unused for this stage were the Banana and the scraped Wet Floor mechanics. The doc also said that “This level takes place in the outside part of the tower, it has flags reminiscent of medieval castle.” Perhaps when there were gonna be more than one tower? I’m not sure. Could someone give me verification on this?