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While developing Pizza Tower, McPig has created several comics about it, with there currently being two different kinds of comics, those being Peppino & Noise Comics and The Bad, The Ugly, and The Even Uglier (formerly known as ??? Comics). The former featuring various antics between Peppino and The Noise. the latter being a story-based set of comics that features The Noise, Dougie Jones, Pepperman, The Vigilante, a crossover comic featuring Anton from Antonball Deluxe entering Peppino's kitchen, and several comic-like concepts featuring Noisette and also her own café.

Peppino & Noise Comics

These comics would often involve the Noise bothering Peppino with other random antics between the two.

The Bad, The Ugly, and The Even Uglier (??? Comic)

This series of comics was made to introduce The Vigilante alongside the trailer that was made for him, however the comic series itself has yet to be finished. The comic is planned to be finished later down the line at some point, as the game is already finished.

A character that was only featured in this comic but not in the game is a Pizzard called Dougie Jones.

Misc Comics

To Destroy a Tower with Peppino Spaghetti

Antonball Deluxe Comic

To promote the release of Antonball Deluxe, McPig made a crossover comic featuring both Anton and Peppino.

Noisette Comics (Concepts)

McPig showed concept arts of Noisette to the fans on discord as most of them were comics.

Peppino Versus Noisette

Noisette’s Cafe Comics

Pepperman in Noisette’s Cafe

The Vigilante in Noisette’s Cafe

Cheese Toppin Monster in Noisette’s Cafe

Peppino in Noisette’s Cafe

Part One
Part Two


  • In the third Peppino and Noise comic, McPig has never clarified what's inside the bottle that Peppino drank outside of claiming that it's not milk, nor is a certain bodily fluid.
  • There was originally going to be a comic featuring both Peppino and Gustavo stranded in a desert together and meeting Mr. Incognito (who is just Noisette wearing a disguise), but it was later scrapped.