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hi there! i'm peppino! but you should call me by a nickname to avoid confusion with the canon character.
i like to help out and i've always wanted to contribute to a wiki, so of course i'll hop on the opportunity to work on one about my favorite game!! that being said, i am new to editing so please feel free to correct any edits i make that aren't up to standard.

my favorite character is (obviously) peppino.
my favorite boss is pizzahead. my second favorite is fake peppino.
my favorite enemy is pineacool.
my favorite level is refrigerator-refrigerador-freezerator.
my favorite song is pizza mayhem. my second favorite is unexpectancy part 2.
my favorite toppin is the pineapple.
my favorite kind of pizza is plain pizza.

i am also on the discord (my handle is @peppinospaghetti_), feel free to ping or dm me!