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The SAGE 2019 Demo is the fifth public prerelease build of Pizza Tower released during the Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo 2019 (SAGE for short) on August 27th, 2019. As for public prerelease builds, this demo is the most content packed, featuring three playable levels, achievements and exclusive SAGE-themed content.



Featured in the game's manual is a brief story setting up the concept for the SAGE 2019 demo. In this story, Peppino prepares himself for the Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo, but mistakenly goes to the wrong expo, ending up at the Snick Amateur Gaming Expo where he meets up with Snick the Porcupine. With Peppino trying to make the most of it, he opts to play the games that are at his disposal. Furthermore, the manual features a list of enemies, Peppino's transformations and some tips and tricks.


After starting the game, a brief intermission plays of Peppino driving his scooter, before crashing into a rock and landing near the SAGE 2019 building. Inside the building is a small hub area featuring Snick and three levels (four once the player completed these three levels) represented as games. The playable levels are Pizzascape, The Ancient Cheese and Bloodsauce Dungeon.

Compared to previous prerelease builds, Peppino's moveset is more accurate to the final game, being able to perform many of the same core moves. *****finish this portion, list differences***** Peppino also wears a blue outfit by default as part of the SAGE theme.

The shotgun, rather than being a stage gimmick exclusive to WAR and The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, is instead an item that can be bought with 4 Pizza Coins. Pizza Coins have a random chance of appearing by destroying Breakable Blocks. Once the player obtained enough coins, they can walk into one of the Pizza Marts placed across each level to buy either one of two shotguns. Once obtained, the player can hold and press to shoot three bullets. Taking damage from an enemy or obstacle will make the player lose the shotgun, though no points will be subtracted from the player's overall score. Furthermore, if the player has enough Pizza Coins, another shotgun can be bought to keep as a backup.


As to be expected, rank scores differ drasticly.

Prerelease Final
Entrance (unused) 5750 16000
Pizzascape 11000 20000
The Ancient Cheese 11600 17000
Bloodsauce Dungeon 10400 18500


Snick's Challenge

Peppino about to run into Snick.exe.

Beating all of the levels unlocks Snick's Challenge, a challenge where the player is tasked to beat Pizzascape, The Ancient Cheese and Bloodsauce Dungeon under a ten minute time limit, all while Snick.exe follows the player around. Pillar John is replaced in favor of golden doors sending the player straight to the next level. During the challenge, the game starts you off with 10000 points and there's no collectibles or Toppins to find. The only way to maintain a high score is to kill enemies with high combos. Once the player beats Bloodsauce Dungeon, a door will be waiting at the end for them to finish the challenge. Beating Snick's Challenge unlocks Snick as a playable character, accessible from the Cowboy Tasks room by touching a player switch block. ***maybe add enemy behaviour or add that to Snick.exe's page?***

Furthermore, Snick.exe will take Snick's spot in the hub area until Snick's Challenge is beaten.

Cowboy Tasks

The Cowboy Tasks hub area, fully completed.

In the hub area are portraits for nine different SAGE-exclusive achievements known as the Cowboy Tasks. These tasks range from taking collectibles to unlocking everything in a level. Beating all nine tasks unlocks a cowboy hat that hovers over Peppino until the player returns to the title screen.

The Cowboy Tasks hub room still remains in the final game, though unused with a majority of the unlockable achievements removed. Only the Snick Challenge S-Rank task can be unlocked without too many modifications to the game's scripts by enabling Snick's Challenge and placing Snick.exe (obj_snickexe) and SAGE 2019's achievement manager (obj_SAGE2019achievementmarker) in their appropriate rooms.

Portrait Text Notes
BUY ALL THE SHOTGUN IN SNICK CHALLENGE There are three Pizzamarts available per level, which hold two shotguns for the price of four Pizza Coins each. In order to grab all six shotguns, you'll need 24 Pizza Coins.
FINISH DUNGEON WITH A BACKUP SHOTGUN Eight Pizza Coins must be obtained.
GET AN S RANK IN SNICK CHALLENGE Snick's Challenge has an S-Rank score of 8300 points.
GET A COMBO OF 10 A combo of 10 can be obtained by killing all enemies after eachother in the library section.
FIND ALL THE SECRETS 18 secrets must be found.
FINISH PIZZASCAPE WITHOUT KNIGHT FORM The Knight transformation isn't necessary to complete the level. In the first section of the library, simply groundpounding lets you progress.
FIND ALL THE TOPPIN 15 Toppins must be found.
FIND ALL THE TREASURE Three treasures must be found.

Revisional Changes

Version 13

  • Peppino's SAGE palette was undone. This is a bug and was rectified in v13b.

Version 13b

  • Restored Peppino's SAGE palette.

Version 14

  • Description.