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This page is about the location. For the game, see Pizza Tower (Video Game).

The Pizza Tower is the main location of Pizza Tower.


The Pizza Tower appears as a tall castle-like structure with purple bricks and multiple cracks along its surface. It is destroyed by the end of the game, and is shown in the background, destroyed, during the credits.

Floors and Areas

For a general list of the levels, see List of levels.

Tower Lobby

Tower Lobby is the first floor of the tower. It bares the most resemblance to the outside of the Pizza Tower, sporting the same purple bricks. Its boss is Pepperman.

Western District

Western District is the second floor of the tower. It appears as a desert-like area with orange bricks instead of the normal purple. There is a large lamp in the background meant to resemble the sun. Its boss is The Vigilante.

Vacation Resort

Vacation Resort is the third floor of the tower. Descripted as a more tropical area with exotic places, it stars green bricks resembling grass and a blue painted sky. There are multiple clouds painted on the wall behind. Its boss is The Noise.


Slum is the fourth floor of the tower. It has a more indusbeat-down look with beige bricks and a background of the same color. There are sewage pipes and stains on the back wall. Its boss is Fake Peppino.

Staff Only

Staff Only is the fifth and final world of the tower. It is a darker area with dark purple bricks accompanying it. The background consists of a sign saying "NO TRESPASSING" a camera, an employees only sign, and a gate. A large statue can be seen in front of the background resembling Pillar John.


A small balcony outside of Staff Only with a present that leads into a boss battle with Pizzaface. Falling off this balcony causes player to respawn at the front door of Tower Lobby. If playing as The Noise, there will be smoke rising from the bottom left offscreen. Falling down in the area where the smoke is coming from will lead to Peppino's House.


Pizzaface's boss battle arena. After player beats the final boss, it gets an opening in the ground that leads into a control room.

Control room

Small corridor between final boss and The Crumbling Tower of Pizza. Has the same background as some of TCTOP's rooms (a director's seat surrounded by dozen currently malfunctioning TVs, presumably the place from where Pizzahead controlled the tower), but can't be accessed if the player enters the level from a lobby.


Demo 1

In Demo 1, The Pizza Tower is much smaller in scale. It only contains a single level. Entrance to the tower also has a fake floor, leading to the Tutorial.

SAGE 2019 Demo

In SAGE 2019 Demo, the tower is absent, as Peppino was heading to SAGE instead.

Peppino's Xmas Break

In Peppino's Xmas Break, the tower has a christmas design with it being a giant christmas tree, and similarly to the first design of it, is comparably smaller.


Regular sprites