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This is a page listing every boss that has been in Pizza Tower.

General Information

Boss fights are formatted as single screen 1 on 1 matches against the boss. The player has 6 hit points, each depicted as Peppino’s hat, and will be given hats for every 3 hits done to the boss. Having 5 or less HP while grabbing a hat will give the player an extra health point. However, if the player grabs one at full HP, a +1 appears. This "point" does nothing, but the total amount of "points" gained will be displayed at the boss' gate. If the player runs out of HP, they are kicked out of the boss fight and will have to start the boss fight from the beginning.

All bosses have at least 2 phases, with the first teaching the player everything the boss can do, and the second usually repeating the first with more added on top of it. Once a boss is defeated for the first time, a large key will be awarded to the player, and they can unlock the elevator to the next floor of the tower. After beating the 2nd phase, all bosses (Besides The Noise) have a special mini-phase which you must defeat before finally defeating the boss and getting the key.

After defeating a boss, a rank is given, similar to ranks in ordinary levels. Ranks are tied to hits, as every 2 hits, the player's rank is lowered. One exception is the P Rank, where if the player is hit even once, they will lose it. Another exception is the final boss, which does not give a rank on defeat.

  • P Rank - No hits taken.
  • S Rank - 1 or 2 hits taken.
  • A Rank - 3 or 4 hits taken.
  • B Rank - 5 or 6 hits taken.
  • C Rank - 7 or 8 hits taken.
  • D Rank - 9+ hits taken.


  • Except for Pizzaface, the amount of hp for each boss decreases for each world.
  • Bosses were originally planned to be structured in a drastically different way, acting as time trials rather than traditional bosses, and the boss simply acted as an obstacle near the end of the level.
    • In addition, at one point, the bosses were meant to have health bars styled like a fighting game. There also exists unused graphics showing various characters holding round signs, probably meant for these kinds of bosses.


Pepperman The Vigilante The Noise The Doise (The Noise Campaign exclusive boss)
Fake Peppino Pizzaface Pizzahead

Unused Bosses

Pepperman (Early Test Build, Demo 1) Noise Crusher Cheese Dragon
Mr. Stick Bee The Noise (Strongcold)