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Hello there! Welcome to the...

Pizza Tower is a fast paced 2D platformer developed and published by Tour de Pizza. The game is inspired by the Wario Land series and has emphasis on free movement, exploration and score attack. On top of that, the game features stylized pixel art inspired by '90s cartoons and a highly energetic soundtrack that blows your socks off! The wiki documents everything about the game – characters, levels, environments, mechanics, music, prerelease materials and previous projects by McPig, which lead to the creation of Pizza Tower.

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22 July 2024

     22:38  Toppins diffhist +136 Leaningdream talk contribs (→‎Mushroom Toppin animations: clarification)
     22:26  Toppins/Pre-release‎‎ 2 changes history −68 [Leaningdream‎; DragonAero‎]
22:26 (cur | prev) −95 Leaningdream talk contribs (removed references to taunt as that anim was not the one used)
03:05 (cur | prev) +27 DragonAero talk contribs (minor correction about mushroom toppin's old idle anim)
 m   08:06  The Doise diffhist +176 TheNoiseWoag talk contribs (Added how to unlock the Real Doise clothes during the Noise Campaign)

21 July 2024

 m   17:34  Gnomes diffhist −1 Cookie Pubble Pum talk contribs (→‎Trivia: "Jeseter" to "Jester")

20 July 2024

 m   03:45  Western District diffhist 0 DragonAero talk contribs (Minor correction in props gallery. That's a stalactite; it forms on the ceiling. Stalagmites form on the floor. There aren't any stalagmites present in the Western hub either.)

19 July 2024

     21:46  Pizzascape diffhist +21 Laventory talk contribs (→‎Music: Album cover.)
     21:44  John Gutter diffhist +21 Laventory talk contribs (→‎Music: Gave 'An Entrance Secret' an album cover.)
 m   21:38  Camembert Squire diffhist +106 Wubbyzvat talk contribs
     21:13  Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator diffhist +55 Laventory talk contribs (→‎Scrapped sprites: Added old version of the fridge exterior background.)

18 July 2024

     22:43  Pizza Supreme (album) diffhist +1,210 BrochachoYT talk contribs (Lots. History section might need some rewording)
 m   20:16  The Noise/Playable Audio diffhist −3 Ninfan64 talk contribs (rewording)
     19:47  Rework diffhist −150 Crunchdoof talk contribs (The other leaked buld is gone.)
     19:42  Octobe22 diffhist −91 Crunchdoof talk contribs (Download link is gone.)

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