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Pizzasonas are background characters in Pizza Tower.

These are Pizza Tower-fied original characters of Patreon backers who had paid at least $20 in the first half of 2019. Pizza Tower Guy, the main developer, along with composers Mr. Sauceman and ClascyJitto (Frostix), also have their own.

Pizzasonas appear in secrets, usually near the end of a secret. When collected, they grant the player 150 Pizza Points and say "Thank you!".


Patreon Backers


Development Team (not in-game)


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Pizzasonas.
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  • Kaappis' Pizzasona is actually a character named Teimo from My Summer Car. The character's voice actor, Simo Kauppinen, was given permission to use the character anywhere he wanted.