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Noisette is Beyond Annoying. It takes a noisier noise than The Noise's noise to annoy The Noise."

Noisette is The Noise's girlfriend, and a character in Pizza Tower.


Noisette looks very similar to The Noise, sharing his features of a long nose and a large mouth. Instead of having one prominent tooth, she has two. Her hair is longer, and curves upward. She also has an eyelash on each eye. Noisette wears a pink pinafore with white buttons, pink hat with long bunny ears, and red shoes. Underneath her pinafore, she wears a white short-sleeved shirt.

Her demeanor is very cheerful and upbeat. Much like The Noise, she's enthusiastic, but in a more kind-hearted manner. Her love for The Noise is strong, as seen in his campaign. Upon giving her money to open a boss gate, she will kiss him before flying away with her bunny hat.

Noisette runs her own cafe, as seen in a secret room in the Slum. When approached by the player, she enthusiastically pulls out a tip jar, looking towards them. She is also seen in The Noise's campaign, helping him during Pizza Time by guiding him to the exit. In the end card for the campaign, it is also shown that she was helping him film the movie based off of the events of Pizza Tower.

Abilities and skills

While she is not playable, she is shown to have some unique skills. The ears on her bunny hat are able to spin like a helicopter, allowing her to fly.


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Noisette.
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  • Her name is Noise with the -ette suffix to denote her as being his female version, akin to Toad and Toadette.
    • Noisette's name is the French translation for hazelnut.
  • Noisette was planned to run the tower's gift shop, where players could buy clothes, tips and tricks, such as how to do the harder moves, OST CDs, including unused tracks, and more; however this has been scrapped.
  • Noisette also used to appear in one of The Noise's taunts, although with an outdated design, until it eventually went unused.
  • Noisette was going to be disguised as a character Mr. Incognito in a conceptualized comic about Peppino and Gustavo in the desert. Mr. Incognito would antagonize them. He wears a fedora, a trench coat, gloves, and shoes.
  • Before McPig revealed Mr. Incognito's identity, many noted his similarities to Mr. Stick. It was confirmed it was not him. The reason their identity was revealed outside of the comic was because the comic was confirmed to never be finished.
  • Noisette's voice was provided by one of the programmer's, Sertif's partner PB.[1]




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