List of Builds/October 2022 Build Differences

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This sub-page catalogues the differences between the October 2022 playtesting build and the final version of the game.

ANY changes that were present in the Eggplant Build will not be catalogued here. ===


  • The pause menu is missing the icons next to each option.
  • Leaning Dream does not play in the pause menu, instead the level music becomes muffled.
  • The options menu is more bland, having a plain black background instead of a pattern.
  • When the player starts a new game, they will be sent into the tutorial instead of starting in the tower and needing to enter the tutorial portal.
    • Because of this, the tutorial portal is absent, and therefore the tutorial cannot be re-played.
  • Toppins use a different sound effect when calling for help.
  • The Toppins show up much quicker on the ranking screen. It is possible this was unintentional, as the bags of money they hold obscure the rank text.
  • All combo levels after Unfunny reuse Unfunny.
  • The P-Rank is earned by achieving a score higher than an S Rank. It doesn't have a design on the rank indicator, however, using the S rank one during gameplay and the D rank one outside the level.
  • The music of the bosses starts before even their intro cutscene does.
  • During the intro cutscene for bosses, Peppino uses an unused enemy defeat scream instead of his current scream. This also replaces his furious scream at the start of the third phase of the final boss.
  • All bosses require only $120.
  • The phase transition display and sound effect does not play for bosses.
  • All bosses have their health displayed in layers rather than regenerating them when transitioning to the next phase, and have 8 health slots. The only exception to this is Pizzaface's third phase, where they all have four HP displayed, being replaced after beating each boss.
  • All bosses do not have proper sound effects.
  • The victory theme does not play when beating bosses.
  • When completing a boss level, Toppins are displayed on the rank screen even though it's not possible to obtain any.
  • Boss intros cannot be skipped by restarting.
  • A giant key will always spawn after defeating a boss even if the player has beaten them before.
  • All level titlecards past the Tower Lobby reuse John Gutter's jingle.
    • Levels past Gnome Forest do not have proper titlecards and reuse John Gutter's titlecard.
    • A different soundfont is used.
  • The scooter cutscene from older demos plays before the shot of Peppino and Gustavo looking at the tower when starting a new game.
  • Gustavo cannot kill enemies by jumping on them.
  • The first Cheeseslime in every level will always be Snotty.
  • A frame of Peppino's idle animation from the old hud is used as the game's icon instead of the one used for the final game.
  • Pizza Granny's text box background is simply white, instead of having a pattern.
    • They also don't make a sound when the text box appears.
  • Secret rooms still use their old background.

Save Select

  • The lights are always on.
    • This also means the full version of Pizza Deluxe is used, instead of two looping variations. The music also does not loop.
  • The jumpscare (which, in the final game, happens after 40 seconds without input) is absent.
  • Text saying "Press Start" is displayed before the player can choose a save file.
  • Pressing Esc will bring up the main pause menu instead of the options menu.
    • Selecting "Restart Level" does nothing.
    • Selecting "Exit Level" restarts the menu.
  • There is text at the bottom of the screen that tells you which save file is selected.
  • The completion percentage and Pizzaboy's face are missing. Approvals (John Approved and Snotty Approved) are also missing.
  • The TVs always display static instead of Peppino, Gustavo and The Noise (in the final game, the selected TV will only display static if the related save file is missing). Their positions are also slightly different.
  • The player cannot delete a save file.
  • There is no quit button.
  • The sound that plays when a Big Pizza Topping is collected plays when a save file is selected. All other sound effects are missing.
  • Secret Eyes have a different sound.
  • Dying in a boss fight immediately teleports the player back to the hub.


  • The player is given all Toppins in a row at the end of the level.
  • 8 John Blocks (4 of which are turned off) are near Pillar John to showcase how they swap to their counterparts during Pizza Time.
  • This level starts after the intro cutscene instead of in the Pizza Tower Entrance room.
    • Because of this, there are no tutorial blocks in the Pizza Tower Entrance room and it is not possible to replay the tutorial after beating it.
  • There are some minor grammar errors in Pizza Granny's dialogue.
  • Pizza Granny does not yell "GET OUT NOW!!!" during Pizza Time (in the final game, every Pizza Granny's text would be replaced with that).
  • Pizza Granny does not teach you how to jump at the beginning of the tutorial.
  • Pizza Granny's dialogue about the Toppins is completely different.


  • The player cannot stand on the chair in Pizza Tower Entrance.
  • Tower Lobby is more compact, with John Gutter being in the same room as the other levels instead of in a separate one.
  • The colours of the rocks next to the Oregano Desert gate are more saturated.
  • There is a stone decoration where the Oregano Desert treasure pedestal would be in the final game. In the final game the stone was moved to the right where a Pizza Granny can sometimes appear.
  • Wasteyard's gate is closer to its treasure pedestal.
  • Snotty is absent.
  • There is an invisible ladder in Slum near the Noise Tea sign.
  • There is a pile of poop next to Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator where a Ventilator would be in the final game.
  • Fake Peppino's portal is right by the cardboard cutout, instead of on a ledge above Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator. It is possible this was unintentional, as the portal obscures part of the cutout.
  • The phonebooth in Slum is in a different position, being where the Vacation Resort door would be in the final game.
  • There is no pile of poop behind the pipe that leads to Oh Shit!
  • The door to enter Staff Only is in a different position, being where Fake Peppino's boss portal would be in the final game.
  • Staff Only is missing most of its decorations alongside the dark filter.
  • Staff Only's background is brighter.
  • WAR's gate has eyes floating around it despite there being no secrets in the level yet.
  • The hallway leading up to the Pizzaface fight is much different, being shorter with the Staff Only background and tileset. The player needs to run up a wall in order to reach the boss itself.
  • There are no Chef Tasks rooms, closets, computers, Granny Pizza signs, Secret Eyes, NPCs (besides Mr. Stick) or secret rooms.
    • It is possible to unlock some Chef Tasks despite there being no rooms to view them in.
    • There is no graffiti in Western District due to Pepperman not being on that floor.
  • When the player goes to the next floor, there is always a cutscene of Peppino running upstairs. In the final game, he rides an elevator, and the cutscene only plays when entering the floor for the first time.
  • Many of the treasure pedestals are in different positions.
  • Mr. Mooney does not appear after buying the final boss gate.
  • The ground tiles in every floor except Staff Only have empty spaces at the top that are filled in the final game.
  • "Mondays" plays in Western District and Staff Only.
  • "Fridays" plays in Slum.
  • The HUD's TV is not hidden.

John Gutter

  • One of the checker tiles in the background next to the entrance to the Pizza Portal room was flipped in the final game.
  • A Pizza Granny appears outside of the portal for Lap 2, explaining the mechanics of Lap 2.


  • "Cold Spaghetti" plays through the entire level.

Bloodsauce Dungeon

  • The old music for this level plays.


  • Pepperman takes one more hit for him to get to his mini phase.
    • There appears to be a bug where you can only reach the mini phase by running into him at Mach 2 during his final attack, which is the bouncing ground pound.

Oregano Desert


The Vigilante

  • The Vigilante doesn't deflect any of the player's attacks before they pick up the Pistol.
  • The Pistol's charge attack does not have a meter to display its shots, and fires a big burst of bullets rather than a single massive bullet.
    • Taunting while using the charge attack can cause the player to freeze in place while the shooting animation loops. The player can only use the charge attack while in this state. They can't even turn around, but will be invincible.


  • Greaseball's putt counter appears immediately after entering the level, instead of only after the player hits him.
  • Score effects show up in the background, and are not transparent.

The Noise

  • An earlier version of "Pumpin' Hot Stuff" is used.
  • The player cannot parry the bombs.
  • The Noise can drop up to 4 bombs while in his Hot Air Balloon.
  • The Noise will kick the skateboard earlier than he does in the final game during Phase 2, causing it to break without reaching you if he's too close to a wall.
  • The giant Noise Balloon does not appear when the camera zooms in on Peppino and Noise, making it clearly visible that it appears.
  • Noiseys cannot be killed by The Noise's attacks.
  • The Noisette cutscene is absent.
  • After attempting to take the key, The Noise pops up and steals it.

The Pig City

  • The music does not become muffled while in a taxi.
  • The lone Cheeseslime is not present in the first room.
  • The bacon strips indicating the Bacon Room's presence are not there.
  • Meatophobia does not play while inside the Bacon Room.
  • The Bacon God has no sound effects for giving the player a thumbs-up or dissapearing.
  • Way Of the Pig does not play in the second half of the level.
  • Elite Pizza Slugs do not have red bowties.

Peppibot Factory

  • Essentially all Weenies in the first section of the level are Elite variants.
  • There are fans that will boost you while the Boxed transformation is active.


  • The Free Milk Stand is in the starting room instead of the Pizza Portal's room.
  • Jetpacks will sometimes play the Mach 2 rolling sound from Demo 2.
  • The player does not become invincible after eating the Pepper Pizza.
  • On The Rocks does not play after eating the Pepper Pizza.

Fake Peppino

  • Fighting him for the first time already shows Fake Peppino himself rather than the real Peppino.
  • The chase sequence has a lighter background, and lacks the decorations. It is also much shorter.
  • Instead of going outside of Bruno Pizza, the player is teleported back to the boss arena.
  • His clones can be bashed to make them go away earlier.
  • The clones that super taunt will send out two projectiles instead of one.
  • When the clones try to body slam off of the ceiling after a Mach run, they will only fall off the sides of the player, making it impossible to take damage unless you move.
  • His clones do not have darker clothing, making it harder to discern the real Fake Peppino from his clones.
  • He has no invincibility frames, allowing the player to attack him much faster.
    • This allows completing Phase 2 very quickly.


  • The background is missing the view of the ground below, and instead shows the battlements of the tower.
  • Peppino does not appear angry at all during the entire fight, aside from the cutscene that transitions to the boss rush.
  • The intro is the same as other bosses, with Peppino being scared rather than enraged.
    • Peppino is already in the arena when the fight starts.
    • Pizzaface does not descend from the sky, but is also in the arena when the fight starts.
  • Pizzaface's slam cannot be parried.
  • Pizzaface does not have invincibility frames after being bashed.
  • During the transition to Phase 2, the player can move around, and Peppino does not scream when Pizzahead lands.
  • The Uzi attack reuses Vigilante's regular pistol shots.
  • The cogs dropped by Pizzaface during Phase 2 are silver.
  • During Phase 3, each boss only has four hitpoints displayed (which is also technically true in the final game) and bashing the bosses will only take out one hitpoint.
  • Lightning strikes will darken the arena for a short period of time, creating something similar to a shadow effect.
  • The music does not transition during the final Pizzahead encounter, and continues to play normally.
  • Gustavo appears during the final Pizzahead encounter where he can be thrown to stun him.
    • He does not laugh to give an opportunity to hit him, meaning you are forced to use Gustavo to beat him.
  • Stunning Pizzahead also counts as a hit.
  • The piledriver scene is much different, where Peppino instead appears to piledrive him like any other regular enemy.
    • The background does not appear to move, which makes it look like that Peppino and Pizzahead are floating in midair.
  • Pizzahead's stomp attack sends out a line of small explosions in the direction he's facing instead of knocking the player up into the air.
  • Running into Pizzahead at Mach 2 while he's stunned during his final encounter will make him lose all of his hitpoints without triggering the piledriver cutscene.
  • You cannot stand on Pizzahead's shoes after defeating him.
  • Exiting the fight will drop you off at the gate of the last level or boss that you played.
    • If you have not played any levels before starting the fight you will instead be taken to fifth room of Oh Shit!, due to it being the first room in the room list. This will essentially softlock the game as trying to restart the level does nothing, trying to exit the level just restarts the room and there is no way to finish the level due to the player spawning out of bounds.

The Crumbling Tower of Pizza

  • The final boss must be beaten in order to replay this level instead of having its own level gate.
  • The titlecard is absent.
  • The timer still uses the sleeping Pizzaface animation instead of the tower.
  • You can go back to the top of the tower after killing Pillar John.
  • The Pillar John uses its normal design instead of the one it uses in the final game, and is much closer to the entrance.
  • The starting room uses a different background alongside there being a platform around the middle of the room with a bell above it. There is also no door underneath Pillar John.
  • The player doesn't appear to rescue anyone from the tower.
  • There are no falling bricks in the foreground of the outside rooms.
  • A large brick can be seen behind the shotgun box.
  • A different brick decoration is used underneath Mr. Pinch in room 5.
  • Room 8 uses a different background.
  • There are 3 Pizza Points to the top left of the Anti-gravitational Olive in room 9 that were removed in the final game.
  • Two Golf Demons spawn at the beginning of Vacation Resort instead of a single Pineacool.
  • The first water current in rooms 12 and 13 go right to the edge of the ground.
  • Room 13 is missing some Pizza Points in the middle of the room.
  • An Eggplantmobile and a Peasanto spawn in the middle of the Western District.
  • There are less Ventilators in room 15.
  • There are no Pizza Points at the bottom of room 16.
  • No Pizzaboy cutouts spawn in Pizza Tower Entrance.
  • An earlier version of Bye Bye There! is used.


  • The ending has no sound effects or music.
  • The bosses do not appear in the ending cutscene, despite being seen in the credits.
  • The John scene doesn't exist.
  • The credits use a different font alongside the ground and sky from the scooter cutscene. The text also scrolls instead of fading out.
  • No patrons or playtesters are listed in the credits.
  • Post Elvis is not mentioned in the "Music by" section of the credits.
  • The "Pizza Mayhem", "Sounds by", "Mort the Chicken by" and "Mort Cube and Pickle by" sections are not present.
  • After the "The End" screen fades out a strange screen featuring the ground from the ending cutscene and the sky from the credits will appear and darken after a second. Nothing happens if you wait and pressing the jump button instantly brings you back to the save select menu.
  • The player does not receive a Final Judgement.