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This sub-page catalogues the differences between the Eggplant Build and the final version of the game.


  • The Hub is absent, a basic level select menu being used instead. Almost all levels can be accessed through this menu, aside from bosses and The Crumbling Tower of Pizza.
  • The Heat Meter is present in this version. It only increases the amount of points gained from toppings and the speed of enemies.
  • Hitting enemies at Mach 1 without killing them refills the combo timer, unlike in the final game.
  • The pause menu is different, it has four options on the right and a sprite of Peppino on the left that changes depending on the option selected. The background is simply black. There is the score display in the bottom right and in the bottom left are shown which toppins are collected (and which are not).
  • When the score changes, the numbers on the score display randomly change between the usual tan to red, green and brown.
    • However, every number is tan-colored in the score display in the pause menu.
  • Toppins are still freed from pizza boxes.
  • Due to the Eggplant Build being made in the stage of development where the overarching secret theme was "hmm look what u done did you found a secret :)", all secret rooms use it as their theme.
  • The TV on the HUD is sometimes able to display text. This usually consists of simple tutorial text.
  • Many sound effects are missing, and several placeholder sound effects (sourced from are used.
  • Secrets still use their old background, which uses more colors than just shades of purple.
  • The combo name is shown above the player's head when they achieve it, instead of appearing underneath the combo meter itself.
  • Any combo title above 30 displays the Brutal title instead, despite the higher titles being in the files for the build.
  • All Tower Secret Treasures are eggplants. They also do not give any Pizza Points.
  • During Pizza Time, the timer until Showtime does not appear (only the bar). Along with that, all timers were set to 5:35.
  • The Tutorial is absent.
  • The Lap 2 portal is present in all levels, no matter if the player has beaten it yet or not, as if they had cleared the Tutorial fast enough to unlock them all from the get go.
  • All levels apart from Fun Farm, GOLF and Pizzascare use their internal names.
  • "Your Fat Ass Slows You Down", which plays during the "Time's Up" screen in the final game, is absent.
  • Pizzaface uses his old animation.
    • Pizzaface also uses his old laugh when he appears.
  • The player can start another lap as many times as they want.
    • "It's Pizza Time!" continues to play during Lap 2 and beyond.
  • Due to the score requirements for ranks not being set for all the levels yet, the player will always get a special version of the D rank screen, with Peppino presenting an eggplant with a caption beneath stating "RANKS YET TO BE SET!".
    • On the HUD, an eggplant icon is also in place of the rank icon.
  • When transitioning to and from Gustavo & Brick, the "Gustavo & Brick (the rat) Hour" and "back to that guy" screens are absent.
  • To breakdance, the player needs to hold UP instead of the taunt button.
    • No music plays from the boombox while breakdancing.
  • Picking up Gerome will not reset the combo meter, play the animation or make any sound.
  • Gustavo does not appear during Pizza time (in the final game, he will point towards the exit). Instead, there are exit signs.
  • Taunting at the exit door does not give any points.
  • One-way breakable blocks are not animated.
  • Gustavo and Brick are missing their Mach 3 animations.
  • Peppino's clothes in his default HUD animation have shading, unlike the final game where they only use one color.
  • The background of the TV in the HUD is always a dark purple color, rather than being different for each level.
  • The game is not downscaled to 960x540 pixels before being displayed on-screen. This allows slightly smoother movement with screen resolutions higher than that, most noticeable on the combo meter.
  • Entering the Lap 2 Portal does not give 3000 points and does not refill the combo timer.
  • Killing Pillar John does not increase the combo or refill its timer.
  • Every cheeseslime that spawn at the first part of a level uses a green palette instead of the normal cheese-yellow palette.

Peppino's Moveset

  • The super jump cancel works differently. Rather than acting like a reskin of Mach 2, it causes the player to bounce off walls and the player is able to slightly move around in the air. Landing without hitting a wall will return the player to Mach 2.
    • It also can't break metal blocks, as it will also cause the player to bounce off.
    • It also can only be done by pressing in the middle of a superjump, whereas in the final game the player can also do it by pressing while superjumping
  • The belly slide eventually loses its speed and switch to crawling.
    • Its animation is also different.
  • The player can supertaunt after getting a combo of 10. However, in this build, losing the combo will make the player unable to supertaunt until getting another combo of 10.
  • With the Weenie Mount transformation, the player constantly jumps with a low height (without getting off).
  • Body slamming onto a large breakable block will make Peppino stop body slamming instead of continuing.

Gustavo's Moveset

  • Gustavo does a double jump by jumping off Brick.
    • Brick will rocket downwards, which can destroy metal blocks.
  • Pressing the grab button will kick Brick, instead of up + grab.
  • Gustavo moves slower with his spin attack.
  • Wall climbing is done by holding jump when landing, then jumping onto walls while still holding the jump button.


John Gutter

  • Due to the tutorial being absent in this build, the controls are explained in this level, via the now unused TV messages functionality.
  • The level is still called "Entrance".
  • The room with Pillar John is missing its background walls.
  • The first secret does not have a drawing of an eye indicating where it is, making it harder to find.
  • The second secret is not hidden under tiles.
  • The third secret does not have a drawing either, and there are also no cracks on the wall.
  • In one of the rooms during Pizza time, enemies aren't spawned using John faces, meaning they are absent during Lap 2 and beyond. This makes it inevitable to lose a combo, since there are no clock or bell pickups in the room or nearby after it.


  • This level is temporarily called "Medieval".
  • There is a unique door sprite for some doors in this level. This sprite is used in the final game for doors in Floor 1's levels, however there are two other variants which weren't re-used - one with a red glow, and another with a golden frame.
  • The first secret is missing a slope at the beginning.
  • Patforms next to the 2nd secret are missing.
  • There aren't any pizza toppings which would point to the Gerome door.
  • In the 3rd secret, Pizza Granny's note is missing.

Ancient Cheese

  • This level is temporarily called "Ruin".
  • The forknight in the first room is elite, meaning he can use his Heat Meter attack (in which he charges forward).
  • The 2nd secret is slightly different.

Bloodsauce Dungeon

  • This level is temporarily called "Dungeon".
  • While in the colder areas of the level near the end, Meatophobia will play.
  • The third secret is completely different, being an open area with pools of lava instead of being filled with pizza cutters.

Oregano Desert

  • This level is called "Badland".
  • Sausage clerks in pizzamarts are absent.
  • Totems which create Totem Clouds do not have an inactive sprite.
  • Pizzamarts' exits are misplaced, causing the player to walk out from next to the Pizzamart.
  • The UFO is entered through an object with a placeholder design of a red square with a white arrow pointing to the right.


  • Peppino has yellow clothes in his death sprite.
  • Grandpa Peppers are present in this level. They can only be killed with the Ghost transformation, and are used to block the way unless the player has that transformation.
  • Angel Priests are present in this level. Because they move in circles, they are mostly used for when the player needs to get past them with the ghost transformation.
  • Mushroom Ghosts can move in circles, and therefore many are found in parts where the player has to get past them without getting the Ghost transformation.
  • John Ghost immediately teleports the player back to the start of the room when touched, instead of having a short delay.
  • Ghost Peppers are not present in this build, and the player is able to dash freely in the Ghost transformation
  • The first secret does not have a drawing of an eye indicating where it is, making it much harder to find.
  • The Janitor Room is completely exposed instead of being hidden by rocks.
  • The Third secret is completely different. The Player has to dodge various grandpas before reaching a Ghost mushroom, which is used to open the exit.
  • The Phantom Tower Is used as a placeholder song instead of Tombstone Arizona.

Fun Farm

  • Ranch Shooters appear in this level.
  • Electric Potatoes use a placeholder design, looking like a plain potato with a smiley face.
  • Several background decorations are missing.
  • "What's on the Kids' Menu" does not play in the second part of the level.
  • Mort Hooks function differently. Instead of immediately giving the player extra height, an unused animation of Mort gripping onto the hook is played and then the player is launched upwards.
  • The level layout is somewhat different.
  • Peasanto and Eggplantmobile doesn't throw projectile that hurt player.
  • The first secret is different - instead of using potato farmers to kill more potato farmers, the player needs to get close to them so they charge and die to an outlet.
  • The 3rd secret's location is different, as well as the secret itself. In it, the player has to use Peasantos to kill Stupid Rats.
  • Electric potatoes don't count towards combos and don't refill the timer.

Fast Food Saloon

  • The level is called "Saloon".
  • The first cheeseslime in this level is slightly greener.
  • The timed gate's timer is displayed as a number on top of the button, rather than an alarm clock on top of the player with a pizza in it which loses slices as time decreases.
  • In the first room with a Weenie Mount, there's large text saying "Press JUMP", with the word "JUMP" shaking vertically.

Crust Cove

  • The level is called "Plage", meaning beach in french.
  • Buried Treasure Chest Guys are absent.
  • Some background tiles are missing.
  • The Gerome door is not hidden under tiles.
  • In certain parts of the level, it is impossible to progress unless the player stops rolling in the barrel.
  • The 3rd secret's location is different.
    • Due to the secret itself still being the same, the TV displays text inside of the secret, telling the player to taunt to deflect the cannon goblinbot's projectile.
  • The pit right before Pillar John, which would have Pizza Tower Guy in it during Lap 2, is deeper and falling into it causes the "Technical Difficulty" screen to appear and the player to be teleported back.

Gnome Forest

  • The Gustavo & Brick tutorial doesn't take place in the same pizza dimension that the normal tutorial takes place in. As such, the Pizza Grannies are missing and Gustavo's moveset is explained by the unused TV messages mechanic.
  • "mmm yes put the tree on my pizza" does not play during Peppino's section of the level, as Wudpecker plays instead.
  • The player needs to switch between Gustavo and Peppino much more often, while in the final game, it only happens twice (4 times if lap 2 is included).
  • The 2nd secret is clearly visible.

Deep-Dish 9

  • The level is called "Space".
  • The player enters the other planets via doors instead of rocket ships.
  • The first cheeseslime in this level is slightly greener.
  • Asteroids do not refill the combo timer.
  • When getting onto a rocket, another one immediately spawns.
  • In the 2nd secret, there are arrows pointing which direction to vertically move the rocket to avoid crashing into a wall.
  • The rat astronaut decoration is in a slightly different location, and is partially inside of the ceiling.
  • The 3rd secret is clearly visible.
  • The teleporter next to the Gerome door is absent.
  • Enemies aren't spawned using John faces and regular pizza toppings are instead of clock and bell pickups. This makes Lap 2 useless, since the player will only lose score.
  • Space Pinball is used as a placeholder song instead of Extraterrestrial Wahwahs.
  • The Default speed of the Rocket Transformation is faster
  • The Anti-gravitational Olive, which leads to the second secret, is hidden inside a block instead of being exposed.


  • The golf hit counter is a simple number on the middle right of the screen.
    • It does not reset after getting the Greaseball to the goal.
  • Golf blocks use their old design.
  • Sir Noses are missing their cooldown animation.
  • The golf ranks are missing.
  • Burger Golfers and Golf Demons lack stunned and scared animation and have to use their death sprite as their scared and stunned sprites instead.
  • Golf Demons don't burn when running and remain vulnerable.
  • The 3rd secret is different. Instead of making Golf Demons fall onto outlets, the player has to run to defeat them.
  • Big Cheese's throw animation is much shorter.
  • Instead of John blocking some doors during Pizza Time, these doors are closed.

The Pig City

  • Hamkuffs count towards the combo meter, but don't refill the timer.
    • This means that, if the player does not have a combo, they will immediately get 10 points from killing a Hamkuff.
  • Hamkuff's sausage chain looks more simple - not animated and does not have shading.
  • The second background is one sprite as opposed to several layers.
  • The backgrounds do not change during the escape.
  • Some background and foreground elements are missing.
  • The taxi cutscenes are absent.
  • The pig citizens are completely absent.
  • "Way of the Pig" does not play in the Gustavo and Brick section of the level.
  • The bacon room does not have a unique background and tileset (meaning it looks like a regular room). Its entrance is also not hidden under tiles.
    • Entering the room makes the TV display the text "Smells good...".
  • The third secret exists in the game files, but the entrance to it is nowhere in the level, leaving it with only two secrets.
  • The level is still called "Street".
  • The first room does not have a cheeseslime.
  • The secret passage which would normally lead to Grandpa Pepper instead leads to the Lap 2 portal.
  • In the 2nd taxi room, there is a dash pad which is missing in the final game.
  • The signs next to taxis are missing.
  • The animation of Peppino holding a rat ballon is much faster.
  • Elite Pizza Slugs's bowtie color is the same as regular Pizza Slugs.
    • Elite Pizza Slugs also flash before shooting.
  • This level plays the old version of Bite The Crust.
    • Instead of a strange pizzahead laughing voice for the music, it uses a strange voice heard from the old music.

Oh Shit!

  • Disguised Ninja Slices look identical to the Pizza Boy cardboards.
  • Ninja Slices' defeat sprite always shows them with a red mask.
  • Ninja Slices lack scared animation and have to use their stunned animation as their scared animation.
  • Giant Slime uses the cheeseball's sprite.
  • Mr. Pinch is not inside of a pipe and there are no black orbs between his hand and his head.
  • Certain pipes move the player faster than others.
  • Moving with the Sticky Cheese transformation is slower than in the final game.
  • Riding a Trash Pan is much faster.

Peppibot Factory

  • "Peppino's Sauce Machine" does not play in the second part of the level.
  • Several background and foreground elements are missing.
  • The first background has a completely different color palette.
  • All Weenies are red (the color of the Elite Weenies in the final game), but none of them drop cans that spawn fists.
  • The first secret is different. Instead of Elite Weenies walking into outlets, the player needs to time getting launched by the present to kill as many weenies as possible.
  • The second secret is slightly different.
  • The third secret is different - instead of killing many Stupid Rats, the player has to avoid outlets while collecting big pizza toppings.
  • The physics of the Boxed transformation function differently. Instead of gradually gaining speed, the player walks at a constant speed normally, and normally cannot glide for a bit in the air. Instead, the player can touch Dash Pads in the boxed transformation to move much faster and glide after flapping.
    • There are also no Stupid Rats in the level, meaning the transformation cannot be used to destroy them.
  • Peppibots take 2 hits to defeat due to them being set to as elite and their elitehit as 2.
  • The level is now called "Industrial" instead of "Factory".


  • In the room where would be the Pepper Pizza in the final game, The Noise is there to give the player a permanent jetpack, which can be activated at any time by pressing the jump button while in the air.
  • The player can use the grab button to fly in a straight line while a jetpack is being used.
  • The level is still called "Freezer".
  • Fake Santas doesn't have a defeat sprite.
  • Peppino does not have unique idle animations in this level.
  • Fake Santa can only be killed using a supertaunt. Because of this, enemies spawned by him count towards combos and points can infinitely gained from that for as long as Fake Santa stays alive.
  • This level uses an old version of Don't Preheat Your Oven Because If You Do The Song Won't Play.
  • The only other song in this level is It's Pizza Time! as Celsius Troubles and On The Rocks weren't implemented yet.
  • Jumping on enemies using a Jetpack is not automatic, as it is in the final game. Instead, the player has to hold the jump button.
  • Jetpacks use their old animation.


  • The 3rd secret is not hidden with tiles and there are no John Blocks before it, meaning it can be entered before Pizza Time.
  • Ghost King is not transparent.
  • Exorcists are absent. This makes Ghostknights only defeatable using a supertaunt.
    • Because of this, the 3rd secret is different. It involves jumping over Ghostknights.
  • Ghostknights don't have a defeat sprite.
  • In the room where 2 Exorcists would be in the final game, the Goblinbot is closer to the Small Pin Stupid Rats than in the final game.
  • The Second Secret involves killing Pepperoni Goblin Bats instead of collecting Pizza Toppings.
  • Gabaghouls and Bad Rats are not present in the level.
  • Ghost King's Goblinbot launches the player much faster than in the final game.
  • The Level Background doesn't change during Pizza Time.

Don't Make A Sound

  • The Pineapple Monster is unable to spawn Piraneapples. His activation point is also indicated with a big orange rectangle with a black arrow on it instead of being invisible. He also doesn't fade in and out.
    • Getting jumpscared by any monster activated by him displays an unused jumpscare featuring the Pineapple Monster.
  • Animatronic Peppino could only be inflicted by getting jumpscared by a monster activated by the Pineapple Monster, every other Toppin Monster teleports the player after jumpscaring, with no transformation inflicted.
  • After getting jumpscared, the player gets teleported to the previous room near the entrance to the current room, instead of being teleported to the start of the current room.
  • "Hard Drive to Munch You" doesn't play when activating a Toppin Monster.
  • In the final game, when activating a toppin monster, the background would get a red, moving pattern. In this version, it instead becomes blurry and flashes red.
  • Clownmatos lack stunned animation and have to use their falling animation as their stunned animation
  • All secrets are different, with the second one using the now unused Balloon.
  • The third secret's location is different. Instead of being above a metal block near a wall behind which are two flying patrollers, the secret is found in the room where the player is chased by four toppin monsters.
  • Toppin Monster jumpscares use the unused enemy death screams instead of their current screeches.
  • Toppin Monsters doesn't refill the combo timer nor add toward combo. This will only make the players lose combo.
  • 2 Target Blocks in the second room which are not in the final game are here.
  • The level is still called "Kids' Party".
  • The level's dark rooms are darker.
  • If the player stuns a Patroller while staying out of their sight, the Patroller does not start a countdown afterwards.
  • This level uses a slightly different version of Tunnely Shimbers.


  • The numbers on the timer are bigger and look different.
  • The timer and "Thousand March" start instantly instead of after grabbing the shotgun.
  • There is no Pizza Portal, making Lap 2 inaccessible.
  • Cardboard Tanks use Spit Cheese's defeated sprite instead of their own.
  • The background also has a blur effect, instead of only flashing red.
  • All secrets and the Tower Secret Treasure are missing.