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John Gutter is the first level in Pizza Tower, and is the first level of the Tower Lobby. This level serves as a testing ground for the player to get an understanding of the game's base mechanics. This level takes place at the entrance of the tower, featuring a jungle, an underground city, and many Pillar John-like creatures and statues scattered around the level.


This level contains the following enemies:




Out in the open in the second room, directly where the player would naturally progress to.


Out in the open in the fifth room. It's accessible by climbing up the ladder or superjumping to the top.


In the way in the sixth room, directly where the player must go to progress.


On a platform in the eighth room. Right next to the Toppin is a breakable wall that opens up a path to the other end of the wall.


On a platform in the ninth room before Pillar John. It's on the top of the level guarded by a Forknight, though it's still out in the open.

Tower Secret Treasure


Gerome is located in the room directly before Pillar John, covered behind a breakable wall.


Gerome's door is located in the seventh room. The easiest way to access this door is during Pizza Time, where the player has to run into a Metal Block and superjump to the top. The Tower's Secret Treasure present in the level is a stick of butter.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the sixth room. Part of the ceiling has cracks and an eyeball scribbled on it, hinting at its location.

This secret room consists of small, solid platforms with small and large toppings sprinkled on them, connected by strings of semi-solid platforms. The player must turn very quickly on these platforms to retain a constant dash, though it is not necessary to complete the secret.

Secret Eye 2

In the 9th room, right before the room with Pillar John. The rightmost area has a spot with a white eye scribbled on the floor. Ground pounding this spot breaks the floor.

This secret stage is a short vertical climb where the player must wall climb, which in turn grab the large toppings present on top. The player will have to hop to change direction once, so as not to run off the edge of the area.

Secret Eye 3

Only accessible during Pizza Time. After entering the second Pizza Box during Pizza Time, an eye can be seen scribbled on one of the walls on the right. The player must run at Mach 3 to break the breakable wall to access the secret.

This secret requires the player to run and wall climb through a short parkour, with Metal Blocks blocking the way.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

Located in the same room as Pillar John. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

John Gutted
Destroy all the dead john blocks in John Gutter.
Let's Make This Quick
Finish John Gutter in under two minutes.
Primate Rage
Get a combo of 99 or more in John Gutter.
  • For "Primate Rage", every enemy in the level must be killed, including in Lap 2.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – Unearthly Blues
Mr. Sauceman - The Noise's Jam-Packed Radical Anthem
ClascyJitto – An Entrance Secret



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  • As the selection of playable levels expanded over the course of game's development, John Gutter became the second to be the introductory level of a demo release. The first was Oregano Desert.
  • Since the assets of the level were designed before Pillar John's current design, the Pillar John-like creatures are noticeably rounder and have brow ridges instead of eyebrows.