Bloodsauce Dungeon

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Bloodsauce Dungeon is the fourth level in Pizza Tower and the fourth level of the Tower Lobby.

It's a really deep medieval dungeon with many skulls. In the midpoint, the stage becomes dark, and only the silhouettes of the enviroment hazards are visible. Near the bottom, the ghosts start flying upward, and the enviroment has darker shades of red. And in the bottom of the stage, the enviroment is light blue.

The level's titlecard shows Peppino and Gustavo, the former in a viking-like outfit while holding an axe while the latter is wearing more typical knight armor while holding a torch, in a dimly lit section of the dungeon, stalked by a menacing-looking Pencer and Cheeseslime inside of a giant skull.


This level contains the following enemies:






In the second room, under a platform, accessible through running up the wall below it.


On the bottom of third room, out in the open.


In the fourth room, directly where the player must go to progress.


In the room right before Pillar John, impossible to pass by.


In the room right before Pillar John, behind a Metal Block.

Tower Secret Treasure


In the fourth room, after Tomato Toppin, in his own room with a Fake Wall.


In the room right after lights out section, in its passage, accessible through wallrunning. The Tower Secret Treasure is a bowl of tomato sauce.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the third room, behind a Metal Block.

This secret requires the player to run and wall climb through a short parkour, with one-block passages with Breakable Blocks on the way.

Secret Eye 2

In the first room of the lights out section, in its room, accessible through super jumping into a gap in the ceilling below.

This secret requires the player to run and wall climb through a short parkour, with pits of Boiling Sauce on the way.

Secret Eye 3

Right after the Sausage Toppin, on the ceilling.

The secret contains huge amount of Pizza Cutters, and the player needs to traverse carefully to avoid damage.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the fourth room, on the bottom of it. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Very Very Hot Sauce
Finish Bloodsauce Dungeon without touching Boiling Sauce once.
Eruption Man
During escape, go up with the superjump for more than two seconds in Bloodsauce Dungeon.
Unsliced Pizzaman
Finish Bloodsauce Dungeon without getting hurt by a pizza cutter.



  • The music track heard whenever the player is near Pillar John, "Meatophobia", was originally only planned to play at the end of Bloodsauce Dungeon during its final colder rooms.
  • Despite having final name in SAGE 2019 Demo, it was temporarily called Dungeon in PT_Eggplantv15 build.
  • Bloodsauce Dungeon has a harder, yet cheerier version in the form of Strongcold. Strongcold was first introduced in Peppino's Xmas Break and was later removed in PT_Eggplantv15.