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Oregano Desert is the fifth level in Pizza Tower, and the first level of the Western District.

It's a scorching desert with massive pizzas in the sky and an underground cave system. A UFO piloted by U.F.Olives is found parked at its end, which flies off during Pizza Time.

The level's titlecard shows Peppino frantically running from a U.F.O. piloted by a cow, which is beaming up a Tribe Cheese totem and a Kentucky Kenny on a toilet reading a newspaper.


This level contains the following enemies:


  • Firemouth — initiated by eating Kentucky Kenny's hot chicken wing





Inside the first Pizzamart the player finds.


Inside the second Pizzamart.


In the third Pizzamart.


Inside the fourth Pizzamart, the player has a platforming challenge to complete.


Inside the fifth Pizzamart, the player has to do the platforming challenge to get it.

Tower Secret Treasure


Gerome is located in the top of the room, behind a Breakable Wall, the player has to bounce off the three TNT Blocks in order to get Gerome.


Gerome's door is located above the fourth Pizzamart, the player must superjump to the top or wall climb there. The Tower Secret Treasure is a can of beans.

Secret Eyes

Secret Eye 1

In the fourth room, the player has to do a platforming challenge. One of the walls has cracks and an eyeball scribbled on it, hinting at its location.

This secret room is boxed and full of Rock Blocks, the player has to break the Destructible Rocks to progress, possibly getting into the gaps full of points.

Secret Eye 2

In the 8th room, the player must obtain the Firemouth Transformation and go back to the beginning in order to break a TNT Block that blocks the way

The secret is a platforming challenge where the player has to land on various platforms without falling to their death.

Secret Eye 3

Only accessible during Pizza Time. After completing the platforming challenge, the player must go back and break a Metal wall that has an eyeball carved on it.

This secret requires the player to avoid Cows that block the way by jumping above them while dashing to the Secret's exit.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the second cave area, on top of a TNT Block near the entrance. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.

Chef Tasks

This level has the following Chef Tasks:

Peppino's Rain Dance
Reactivate a totem by dancing with the mach dash in Oregano Desert.
Unnecessary Violence
Kill all of the clerk sausages in the pizzamarts.
Alien Cow
Dont get hit by a single cow in Oregano Desert.


Level's soundtrack:

ClascyJitto – Oregano Mirage
ClascyJitto – Oregano UFO
ClascyJitto – A Grain of Bread in a Grain of Sand


  • In previous builds, there was a Camembert Squire in one of Pizzamarts.
  • Before the rooms were redesigned, all of the rooms looked similiar/were the exact same as the Christmas Race Build.
  • It was first called Desert in the January Monthly Build and despite having final name in Desert Playtest, it was temporarily called Badland in PT_Eggplantv15 build.
  • The Noise originally had a Gimmick in older demos of Oregano Desert, where he would have Boulder Traps set up, or would attempt to push a rock onto Peppino's head to mess him up.
  • In earlier builds, mainly "PT time challenge 1", some of the rooms look more like Ancient from Demo 2.
  • The maximum combo that the player can reach in Oregano Desert is 90.


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