Dragon Lair

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Notes: Tilesets are missing.

Dragon Lair is an unused boss level Floor 1 in Pizza Tower.

It's the home of the Cheese Dragon, and a hodgepodge of all of the environments seen previously in Tower Lobby. A continually decreasing timer challenges the player to do the level quickly, as whenever it reaches 0, Pizzaface laughs from above and takes away one of the player's prized Toppin Warriors on contact, giving one minute of leeway before Pizzaface shows up again.


This level/boss contains the following enemies:


  • Weenie Mount — initiated through defeating an Camembert Squire and stealing it's Weenie Mount.
  • Firebutt — initiated through touching Boiling Sauce.
  • Ball — initiated through get kicked by an Pepperoni Goblin
  • Knight — initiated through pulling a stone sword or getting zapped by an Pizzard.
  • Bomb — initiated through getting one from a Baddie Spawner.



This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Dragon Lair.
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  • Some rooms in the fight were originally going to have infinitely spawning enemies that spawned out of Pizza Portals, however this is not seen in the playable version of the level.
  • Although this level is still present in the files of the final release, complete with proper tiling, it is impossible to get a rank higher than 'D' without further hacking due to changes in how the Weenie Mount works.