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Ranch Shooter is an enemy in Pizza Tower.


Ranch Shooter is a ranch bottle with arms wearing a cowboy hat and a belt with a gun holster where he keeps his gun. He also wears white gloves, and a blue spout can quickly be seen under his hat when he's shooting or scared.


Ranch Shooter stands in place. When the player gets near him, he will shoot a fast-moving bullet, which damages the player on contact. The bullet cannot travel through walls.

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This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Ranch Shooter.
Remember to read the wiki's trivia guidelines before adding trivia or making changes.
  • Before the sprites for the bullets he shoots were made, his bullets were red-orange ovals as a placeholder.
  • He was able to move in the Graveyard Test build, however he had no walking animation and would slide around.
  • Ranch Shooter used to turn the player into the Ghost transformation, but this role was taken by the Mushroom Ghost.
  • His idle animation may be a reference to Peppino's original standing animation from older demos.
  • Ranch Shooter is also one of the oldest enemies in Pizza Tower, being created back in 2018.


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