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"Burble? Burple blorp? Gloop."

A Cheeseslime (via Toppinbot).

Cheeseslimes are enemies in Pizza Tower.


Cheeseslimes are creatures made of melted cheese with two bagged eyes and a gaping black mouth. They don't have any visible limbs, so they just slide around, though in some cases they've been shown with retractable cheese arms.


"Totally useless. Cannon fodder. These guys are basically just strolling around, not aware that a deranged Italian man is destroying their home."
SAGE 2019 Manual

Cheeseslimes ooze around and don't hurt the player upon contact.


Cheeseslimes appear in every level, excluding tutorial and most bosses. One Cheeseslime is always in the first room in every level. See List of Levels.



This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about Cheeseslime.
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  • Cheeseslimes are in the most levels out of any enemy.
  • Cheeseslimes are the very first enemies to appear in Pizza Tower's earliest days.
  • Cheeseslimes once had a full defeat animation that has went unused since the SAGE 2019 Demo.
  • In the October 2022 build, the first Cheeseslime in every level is green.
    • One green Cheeseslime is also present in the final game, named Snotty. It is found in the Slum, and dies permanently if killed. If left alive and saved during The Crumbling Tower of Pizza, it will present a stamp of approval on the save file.
  • In Noise's Hardoween, Cheeseslimes were recolored blue. This is mostly likely a reference to blue cheese.
  • In the Early Test Build, Cheeseslimes were able to hurt the player if touched from the side.
  • Cheeseslimes are the only enemies in the Early Test Build that can be properly defeated, though no Pizza Points are given.
  • Cheeseslimes are also the only enemies in the entire game to appear in every stage, excluding most bosses.
  • Cheeseslime's Heat Meter attack was swinging a wooden bat at the player when nearby.
  • The reason why the first room of every level has a Cheeseslime is likely because getting a P-rank requires starting a combo in the first room of the level (and keeping the combo for the entire level).


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