The Crumbling Tower of Pizza

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The Crumbling Tower of Pizza is the twentieth and the final level in Pizza Tower, and the fifth level of the Staff Only floor.

After the boss fight with Pizzaface and Pizzahead, Peppino must finally escape the tower with everything he has collected. The player must backtrack through the entire hub whilst enduring a barrage of enemies, transformations, and a final golf challenge, to reach the entrance of the tower and escape before it collapses.


This level contains the following enemies:




Instead of Toppins, several characters from the game appear throughout the level and can be collected in a similar manner, although they do not award Pizza Points. These characters only appear if the level is entered after defeating Pizzahead and are completely absent if the level is entered through its door in the hub. The collectable characters are:

When playing as The Noise, the collectibles slightly change. All of the boss characters, as well as Snotty, Mort, and Gerome are defeated upon touching them, resetting the player’s combo timer but not rewarding Pizza Points. The Noise only saves three characters during his escape from the tower, these being:

  • Noisette, at the beginning.
  • A Noisey, in the Staff Only hub area.
  • Bucket, in the Vacation Resort hub.

Swap Mode uses the collectibles associated with a Noise playthrough, although with the addition of Gustavo and Brick at the beginning.

Pizza Tower Guy

Pizza Tower Guy

In the first room after the Slum section. The player must reach this area within a minute in order to see him. He disappears upon approach.


Level's soundtrack:

Mr. Sauceman – Bye-Bye There!
Mr. Sauceman – I Need A Noise


This section is dedicated to trivia and miscellaneous information about The Crumbling Tower of Pizza.
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  • The characters and objects shown in the big pile below Peppino in the title card are, from left to right: the jester from Gnome Forest, a TV showing a hurt Peppino (possibly the HUD), The Noise, a rocket, Mushroom Toppin Monster, Greaseball, Hamkuff, Pepperman, Forknight, Cow, Pizzaface, Horsey, Pineacool, Pizza Granny, Gustavo, a Taxi, Noisey, Pillar John, Ghost King, the combo meter's puppet, the Secret Eye, the Vigilante, one of Gnome Forest's Gnome Pizzas, Mort, Mr. Stick, Bee, Pizzaboy, and Stupid Rat. Gerome and a flying Priest can also be seen in the background.
  • This level has the lowest S-Rank score requirement with 5,500, due to the lack of secrets, Lap 2, and other optional collectibles.
  • Completing the level normally right after Pizzaface's boss fight does not allow the player to see the rank they have obtained, instead showing the ending cutscene. This version of the level is one of the only levels in Pizza Tower where the rank is not shown at the end, alongside the Tutorial.
  • This level originally had Forknights and extra platforms at the end of the stage, right before the Tower Lobby hub area. It was nerfed in subsequent patches, removing both elements and replacing them with Dash Pads.
  • Due to Pizzaface having been defeated, the Crumbling Tower replaces him at the right end of the Pizza Time time meter. If time runs out, the player also instantly gets a "Time's Up" instead.
  • This is the only main level which does not have the ability to enter Lap 2 through a Pizza Portal once the entrance is reached. As such, "The Death That I Deservioli" never plays in this level.
    • "Bye Bye There!" also plays instead of "It's Pizza Time!" when Pizza Time is active, making this the only level with Pizza Time with a unique song for it.
  • This is the only non-boss level to not play a jingle during the title card, remaining with silence.
  • This is the only level to not have any Chef Tasks. It also does not count towards the Chef Tasks to S or P-Rank all levels in Staff Only. However, P-Ranking the level is still required to obtain 101%.
    • This level also doesn't count for unlocking the Golden God and TV Purple clothes.
  • The level's name is a wordplay on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, an Italian landmark and popular tourist attraction in Pisa, Italy.
    • Coincidentally, Pizza Tower was originally named "The Leaning Tower of Pizza."
  • Using panic in the console while in the hub will activate this stage, likely due to the fact that parts of the level consist of the hub itself.
    • The hubs also being included as playable levels at some point is hinted from the first hub, which has John Blocks and even collectables.
    • Entrances to other levels are disabled if The Crumbling Tower of Pizza is activated, but deactivating it can allow the characters collected throughout the stage to be brought to other stages, as well as boss fights (as shown here). Upon completing whatever stage or boss is entered, however, they will disappear.
  • The Slums and the Western District hubs are the only rooms with two characters to save: Fake Peppino and (potentially) Snotty in the Slums, and Mort and the Vigilante in the Western District.
  • Originally, the Bee, before it was scrapped, would follow the player out as well, along with Pizzahead.
  • There's an unused level that is similar to The Crumbling Tower Of Pizza in April 2021 build, which is known as Exit.
  • At one point, the level was going to be much longer, with "PIZZA TIME NEVER ENDS" playing for the 1st half, and "Bye Bye There!" playing for the second half.
  • The HUD does not appear until the player defeats Pillar John, and the image in the TV stays black before changing.




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